i told you so

So for a few years now I have gone to the High Sierra Music Festival (HSMF). Full of jam bands, funk, electronica, and bluegrass, the festival caters towards those that are hippies at heart. Not necessarily only the crunchy, granola hippies…but the normal class of people (like myself), who just enjoy good music. Its a variety. Most people going can find something they like, especially with so many bands.
This year however, I was going to opt out. Not enough funds, not enough vacation time, not enough desire to go see the bands that they had already lined up. Keep in mind there is this other insane festival that weekend in Michigan somewhere, that stole all the good bands. All the regulars. All thereason I go.
Till now. I was totally content not going. Saving money, saving vacation time….but as of today, I have a decision to make. They just announced that Built to Spill would be making an appearance. Srsly? One of my favorite bands at one of my favorite festivals? A band, who jams. A band who no one admits jams, because god forbid their indy rock band fall into that category. Cmon people…..its just good music.
Yes, its a bit indy, but have you heard their version of Cortez the Killer? Its 25 minutes long. The thing is with their jams…they dont get boring. They pull you in..they melt your soul.
now…to be fair, one of the only reasons i got into this band was because of an ex. He was obsessed with them. Actually come to think about it, when we started dating, he only had 2 albums. now he owns them all, he ONLY listens to them (at least it seems that way), and he even planned his honeymoon with his soon to be ex wife around their tour. So Jeremy….I told you so. I told you that they jammed. You going to go to HSMF this year? I bet you are.

2 responses to “i told you so

  1. i saw built to spill live a few years ago and no one told me they were a jam band. i was not happy about it. i love their recorded stuff, can not stand the jamz!

  2. oh see…i love it all.
    but…i’m glad you agree with me that they indeed do jam

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