i wanna rock!

I don’t know why it took so long. I guess i always knew the desire was there, i just didn’t know how deep rooted the need to rock was. I bought Mick a Wii for Christmas…and it took us till now to get Guitar Hero for it. I mean…seriously? What was I waiting for? Like I had all these things to do or something. All this free time behind me when i wasn’t rocking. What a waste.

I had played a few times before. After a few cocktails, in front of a group of people. I felt stupid. There is something about playing it in the comfort of your own home, that just makes you rock that much harder. More comfortable, more confident, and the need to beat your boyfriend.

Last Saturday I started my career. Its Legends of Rock III, and while I thought I would totally suck, I’m kind of awesome on Skill Level Easy. Last night…I beat Easy. I mean, sure…anyone can play with three fingers. Anyone can have that level of hand eye coordination. But I’m not selling myself short. Whatever right? Eddie Van Halen wasn’t getting you to “Dance the Night Away” overnight. Peter Frampton didn’t just Come Alive. Jimi Hendrix wasn’t a true Experience right away… Its a learning curve.

So, I move onto the same songs now…but with 4 fingers. Lets see if my pinky can do the magic that my other three fingers have mastered.

A little taste of what i aim to accomplish.


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