another successful brofday party

Brody’s birthday turned out to be a smashing success. All of his guests enjoyed their cake (i actually dont think i saw any of them chew it) and he got some great presents. A few tennis balls, a squeaky cake and a pigs ear to name a few. The one I was most looking forward to him enjoying was his puppy corn (popped corn for dogs), but alas, one of the dogs I live with (Im not going to name names…Cadmium), got to the kernels pre-popping.

He is a man now. 21 years old in dog years…still with so much to learnthe birthday boy

Brody’s bacon cake

the birthday cake

Note the carrot flames

Brody loved the cake…

Josie loved it so much she couldn’t hold back the drool

Party guests doing what they do best…begging for food.

and some tender love…

jungle fever


2 responses to “another successful brofday party

  1. What fun it was. Dorky dog fun, to be exact. That drooly photo of Josie is truly the best. Thanks for having us. Oh, and by the way, Josie is completely passed out right now – could it be a dog cake hangover?

  2. of course…always a pleasure to have you and your pooch on our porch!

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