thats so metal \m/

It’s difficult to review a show of a band that I don’t like, and hard to explain what I was listening to when I don’t really understand the genre.

Monday night I went to go see The Dillinger Escape Plan with Mick and a co-worker of his at Bottom of the Hill in SF. I know this is one of, if not Mick’s favorite bands, so being the supportive girlfriend, I tagged along. I knew what I was going to be getting myself into.

Wikipedia states that The Dillinger Escape Plan is a New Jersey mathcore band. Mathcore is a style of metal with fast tempo and a technical style. I’m sure if you have the guitarist play by himself and the drummer play on his own, etc…it’s all very technical. But all together, its just noise to me. Throw on a stoutly roided-up (speculation) lead singer screaming into the mike, it becomes almost intolerable. Almost….

So I agreed to go for two reasons. One, I love Mick. Two, I am aware that this band is probably big enough to play venues like The Fillmore, and seeing them in a small environment might be pretty cool. During the 1st opening band we hung out back, talking to members of the 2nd band The Bled, while hanging out at their merch booth. Super nice guys, which inspired me to go inside during their set to watch these nice guys turn into shouting, screaming, growling metal heads. They were meh. (but remember, I don’t know metal)

On my way to the bathroom during the intermission, I almost ate shit. I slipped and fell into some guy who caught me, and thank god, because the vomit all over the floor wouldn’t have been awesome all over my clothes. Ick. This was after the first band….apparently kids don’t know how to hold their liquor anymore. Then again running around in a circle, slamming into each other, and throwing fists with the intention of making contact…could cause one to lose their lunch.

Then the lead act went on. They obviously have fans, because the crowd went nuts, Mick and Ty (his co-worker) included. Luckily a nice girl had given me a seat on a ledge on the wall, so I didn’t worry about getting crushed or stepped on. She actually bought me a beer at one point too. I liked her.

I think the show was a success, and that they played all the songs that everyone wanted to hear. I think.. I don’t know because every song sounded the same, and with the exception of some moments where the singer’s words were actually discernible…it was all just noise to me. My ears agree with that statement when the Tinnitus was still there the following morning.  The entertainment value of the show for me, was where the band would jump into the crowd, continue to sing or play their instruments, and never miss a beat.  How one plays the bass upside down being thrown around by kids…i’ll never know.

Known damage report:

1) the dude who vomited- I’m sure he was damaged

2) a nice long haired guy we were talking to outside-broke a tooth

3) Ty- lost a 00 plug.

4) Mick- bruised finger.

5) The back window of the stage, smashed by an instrument

6) Who knows….I’m sure there was a ton more Isn’t getting hurt at a show what one would consider to be “so metal” \m/ …I just didn’t stick around long enough to find out.

At the end of the day, everyone has their thing. My thing isn’t metal. My thing is the guy who loves metal…so I’m guessing this won’t be my last show.


2 responses to “thats so metal \m/

  1. You were a trouper.


    You liked none of it?

    Not even the part where he ran across the front 4 rows of people?

  2. Ahh yes…

    You did.

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