So I made it back from Austin in one piece last week, and I will probably write a few posts about my trip…at some point.  Ive been busy at work, and spent both days this past weekend out of the house, so the free time in front of my computer has been sparse.  I still have 200 photos to sort thru, so I apologize to my one reader for not posting a blog entry in a while.

This post was prompted by my celebrity sighting on Sunday.  Mick and I were riding the 71 to go down to the How Weird fair, and I look towards the back of the bus and whisper to him, “Booger”.  Mick wipes his nose, and I say “NO!, Look toward the back of the bus.  Its Booger…from Revenge of the Nerds!”  Curtis Armstrong stood at the back of the 71, though it took me till today to figure out what his real name was. I can’t imagine living my life, having the only name people know me by be Booger.  I mean…it was the 2nd thing he ever acted in.  He looked worked too.  Like, just broken.  He is still working though, according to his imdb profile, so good for him.  We opted not to say hi.  I mean, Boogers are just people too.

Just for the visual,




One response to “NERDS!!

  1. It was so weird….

    He was like you said….broken.

    Like his wife was like “Come on CURTIS….that Tiffiny bracelet isnt going to buy itself with that Nerd money..”

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