taste the rainbow

So, this was incredible to me, so i had to post it. A few years back, I created the best Halloween costume ive ever worn. I was a bag of skittles. It was pretty awesome, fun to make, and in my opinion totally dead on. I used a big red pillowcase, felt and a lot of hot glue. This is when wanting to learn to sew comes in. The costume is pretty dead in my costume box, with the felt coming off slowly, and the pillow case having a huge tear up the back. This is what it looked like in its heyday.

Skittles Costume

It was pretty amazing. The back had personalized nutritional facts, and even a warning that said “contains no actual fruit.” (cuz im straight!) I still wear the socks and gloves, cant find the wig, and the costume is trashed. Does anyone want to teach me how to sew? I’m going to buy a cheap sewing machine from Wallgreens or something…cuz my mom’s ancient one is too much of a beast for me to deal with. Simplicity. Thats where its at.

So now this is what inspired me to write about my best halloween costume ever. I just got a link to a girl who made her prom dress out of Skittles wrappers! Im guessing she didnt use hot glue…and im guessing this thing will last. 15 hours of work. 101 skittles wrappers. A girl after my own heart.

Prom Dress

5 responses to “taste the rainbow

  1. You should contact this chick and link her to your blog.

  2. and i will!

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  4. Bonsheika Wake

    OMG!!!!! i really reallyreally really want that dress please pease tell me you know how to make the dress again or you know who made it i will pay how ever much you carge or they charge i really want this dressfor my 18th birthday party its an al skittles theme please tell me you can help me

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