tags matter

Im starting to understand this Web 2.0 stuff a little bit better.  You would think since I have a Facebook, Yelp, Twitter, Flickr, Bebo (though im never on it), GoodReads, Myspace, etc. acct, it would all be gravy to me.  Sometimes I dont get it, but I do like to be dialed in.  People who are never on the internet, don’t get me.  What meme are you talking about?  What YouTube video?  Sorry I dont work in front of a computer…they say.  (I never look at this stuff at work mind you, only at home)  Im starting to realize that everyone (with the exception of a select few) has to be connected at all times, and have access to everything and everything at their fingertips.

Which brings me to the topic of tags.  Tags are key in order for people to find what you want them to find.  I tagged some pictures in flickr with Seder.  A woman who was a moderator for a forum about Passover found my tagged Passover pictures and invited me to be in the group called ‘Passover: why is this group different? why four cups? why matzo?’. I accepted graciously.  I had some pictures I tagged ‘Neon’ and ‘Austin’.  I have since been added to the ‘Neon Texas‘ group.  What kills me is what people are searching for.  I uploaded my pictures from Austin the other day.  Most have 1-5 views.  Im not in pools, and I dont have a ton of friends on Flickr that arent already my friends in real life.  However one picture in particular, has 29 views already.  Way more than any of the others.  Its funny to me.

Tags: Austin, Eeyore’s birthday,  D40, donkey

Someone must be a fan of Austin  🙂

2 responses to “tags matter

  1. Tags are fun. I conducted an experiment some time ago with Flickr tags.

    Part 1 | Part 2

    And check out those view counts now!

  2. it’s amazing which photos people end up favoriting and commenting on based on the tags! 🙂 that’s a pretty hilarious photo.

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