dance your cares away!

I got excited yesterday. Ill tell you why. 2009 is going to be a banner year of movies that I hope don’t let me down. Two in particular.

1. Fraggle Rock- The Movie Coming from news on the net. The Weinstein Company has announced plans to bring the Jim Hensen series Fraggle Rock out of retirement and onto the big screen in the form of a live action musical, almost exactly 25 years after the first season debuted on HBO.  Writer/director Cory Edwards has been tapped to direct and pen the screenplay which will feature puppets and human actors, just like in the show. He directed Hoodwinked. Yah, I didn’t see it either.

So far the plot line is that the Fraggles Gogo, Wembley, Mokey, Boober and Red venture outside their cavernous home in Fraggle Rock, where they discover pesky humans whom they believe to be aliens. The Dozers arent mentioned…but they just have to be in the movie. They gotta be!

2. Arrested Development- The Movie OK. This news is a little older, and I don’t know how this is going to pan out on the big screen, but I’d like to see them try. Everyone is rumored to be a part of it, and its still ‘in production,’ so it might not ever come out at all, but kudos to them for bringing some semblance of hope to my life. reunion. I guess in February Jeffrey Tambor was interviewed and said “there’s a push to get the movie made” and plans to start pre-production after the writer’s strike ends. So. The strike ended. Its still listed on imbd. Does this mean its moved past the pre-pre-production? God I hope so.


2 responses to “dance your cares away!

    This is extremely exciting.

  2. OMG – so excited for Arrested Development!!!

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