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bacon floss

Sometimes mint just doesn’t cut it ya know?

But seriously, check out this site.  Bacon band-aids, bacon airfreshener, and actually ironically enough, bacon flavored mints.

This guy I know started a company called Lollyphile, and has been making and selling the shit out of bacon lollipops.  Seriously.  Chunks of bacon.  Buy them. Try them. This post has not been paid for by him, and I dont even think he knows I’m talking about him.  I have a few sitting at home, and I’m craving one right now.


eff driving…this is why i live in SF

Because I never drive. Seriously, I am on the road close to never, and rely on public transportation most days. There has been an e-rumor floating around with this information on it….

New Driving Fine Charges for State of CA


1. Carpool lane – 1st time $1068.50 starting 7/1/08 (The $271 posted on
the highway is old). Don’t do it again because 2nd time is going to be
double. 3rd time triple, and 4th time license suspended.

2. Incorrect lane change – $380. Don’t cross the lane on solid lines or

3. Block intersection – $485

4. Driving on the shoulder – $450

5. Cell phone use in the construction zone. – Double fine as of 07/01/08.

6. Passengers over 18 not in their seatbelts – both passengers and drivers
get tickets .

7. Speeders can only drive 3 miles above the limit.

8. DUI = JAIL (Stays on your driving record for 10 years!)

9. As of 07/01/08 cell phone use must be ‘hands free’ while driving.
Ticket is $285. They will be looking for this like crazy – easy money for
police department

i can haz

It all sounds pretty awful. Looks like only part of it is true. The facts according to Truth or Fiction

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happy dance

This video makes me want to:

a) smile

b) travel

c) do a little dance

d) all of the above.

Backgrounder via Laughing Squid.

In 2006 video game developer Matt Harding took a 6 month trip traveling to 39 countries and made a video of himself dancing at various locations along the way. In 2008 Matt went on a follow-up trip, dancing his way through 42 countries in 14 months, this time inviting people to dance with him. Both of Matt’s trips around the world were sponsored by Stride Gum.

per your blog entry

Having been in corporate America for a little under 2 years now, I am still a bit green to the business speak. Trying to determine what bandwidth means outside of the internet, and realizing that it can mean time as well was a bit confusing for me. Until I started interacting with clients, and actually using these terms, I guess I didn’t get it. I still don’t. Not fully anyway. My two favorite to speak of are “ping” and “low hanging fruit.” Ive learned to leverage these terms into my daily business vernacular.

Did I just use leverage right?

This is top of mind right now because of an article in the BBC News from June 16 that tackles all of this jargon. I guess the in the workplace, British English isn’t that far off.. Guess I should go toss that into the rubbish bin.

Keep reading for a few examples from the article, unless you decided to read thru the whole thing.

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hooray for the gay!

Yesterday Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin, partners for more than 50 years got married in Gavin Newsoms office. There is a great article about it in the SF Gate. I am upset that I didn’t go to the Civic Center yesterday to check out the celebration, but I think that was a perfect start to what is now going to be commonplace. Not the getting married in Newsoms office, but the gay marriages. Some couples are having their 4th or even 5th ring ceremony, having had made commitmements in front of friends and family, and even the courts once before, only to have it made null by the government. Now with last month’s state Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage in California, the gays have it!

I was especially touched by the photos of Phyllis and Del. I think that its adorable that after all these years, they still want to make that legal commitment to each other, and it goes to show that love is love.   I only hope that after 50 years I can still have that happiness and affection for someone else.

I was also linked today to a cute lil video of after the ceremony, but because its MSNBC, I can’t embed it. So check it out via the link.

awesome living


How sick would it be to sit on a coffin…

while gazing up at your octopus chandelier ?

that would be the life.


I don’t have much to post…but just to update: I didn’t end up going to the Dethklok show. Mick came down with a bug, and I couldn’t find someone to take the tickets, let alone someone to go with me, so I tried to sell them outside the Fillmore The scene was much tamer than it had been on Thursday. Monday is a tough night for a show, and from what I hear, the place was filled with 15 year olds. I actually decided to do a good deed, and because my selling the tickets an hour before the show wasn’t working out for me, I ended up giving them to a couple of kids. Probably 17 years old or so, and didn’t have any money. Someone should enjoy the show, and I’m sure it made their evening. I also heard that there wasn’t a poster, so that made me feel a bit better about not being there.

The whole reason for me putting up this entry is for this:

Talia posted some pictures today. I didn’t even know she had taken this.

Seriously… could my dog be any cuter?