whimsy and wonder

Pete directed me towards this amazing artist. His whole site is impressive, but I think that this particular photo project is inspiring, creative, and I think the best word I can come up with is whimsical. This project of his was done in 2005, but its new to me, courtesy of Pete, so I thought I would share it as well. Yeondoo Jung has taken childrens drawings, and made them real. Conceptually is brilliant, and the pictures he chose to work with make for a bright and fun set of photos. I really like his take on how to translate into real life. I hope that is how I saw things as a kid.

I recall my mom finding my old works, and apparently ahead of my time, they were all anatomically correct. I wonder how the picture of my dad would have translated in this project.

You should look at the rest of this project, in addition to his other works. Color me impressed.


6 responses to “whimsy and wonder

  1. Cool site, it kind of reminds me of this project… http://themonsterengine.com/art.html

  2. i love that!

    if only i had the talent and thoughts to do all this first….

  3. I should get my pictures of giant dinosaurs terrorizing Gloversville, NY.

  4. i really wish i’d thought of it first. damn those koreans! 🙂

    and mick, if you present me a picture of a dinosaur terrorizing gloversville, i will frame it & hang it in my home.

  5. Amazing! The one with the bunnies kind of looks like you, Lauren.

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