I don’t have much to post…but just to update: I didn’t end up going to the Dethklok show. Mick came down with a bug, and I couldn’t find someone to take the tickets, let alone someone to go with me, so I tried to sell them outside the Fillmore The scene was much tamer than it had been on Thursday. Monday is a tough night for a show, and from what I hear, the place was filled with 15 year olds. I actually decided to do a good deed, and because my selling the tickets an hour before the show wasn’t working out for me, I ended up giving them to a couple of kids. Probably 17 years old or so, and didn’t have any money. Someone should enjoy the show, and I’m sure it made their evening. I also heard that there wasn’t a poster, so that made me feel a bit better about not being there.

The whole reason for me putting up this entry is for this:

Talia posted some pictures today. I didn’t even know she had taken this.

Seriously… could my dog be any cuter?

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