hooray for the gay!

Yesterday Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin, partners for more than 50 years got married in Gavin Newsoms office. There is a great article about it in the SF Gate. I am upset that I didn’t go to the Civic Center yesterday to check out the celebration, but I think that was a perfect start to what is now going to be commonplace. Not the getting married in Newsoms office, but the gay marriages. Some couples are having their 4th or even 5th ring ceremony, having had made commitmements in front of friends and family, and even the courts once before, only to have it made null by the government. Now with last month’s state Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage in California, the gays have it!

I was especially touched by the photos of Phyllis and Del. I think that its adorable that after all these years, they still want to make that legal commitment to each other, and it goes to show that love is love.   I only hope that after 50 years I can still have that happiness and affection for someone else.

I was also linked today to a cute lil video of after the ceremony, but because its MSNBC, I can’t embed it. So check it out via the link.


One response to “hooray for the gay!

  1. Wow….

    That picture is so warm.

    Love, FTW.

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