Food Court Musical

I am in love with Improv Anywhere.  I think its because they do things I wish I could be a part of…but most are in NY.  No pants day in the subway.  Freezing in Grand Central.  The equivalent flash mobs here, like Santacon and Brides of March are awesome…but I want to be a part of Improv Anywhere.

Only Improv Anywhere can pull off one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.  You ever fascinated with shows, musicals and movies where people just break into song? They did it in real life….and well I may add.  Just watch and see.  If you want to see the process, you can check it out here.  I want to be an agent.  I want to participate in shit like this.  I want to be a twin and ride the subway in a  human mirror.   I just want to be a part of it.  Luckily they have branched out and have shit listed on this Urban Prankster site…but its not the same.


One response to “Food Court Musical

  1. they did something similar to the freeze at the Cable Car turnaround… there was also something at DOlores park – fake Godzilla attack. 🙂

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