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i guess its still considered a loss

I weighed in for the 2nd time this week.  That means that I got my initial totes offish Weight Watchers weight last week, and this week I was supposed to go and show amazing progress.  In my mind anyway.  I exercised, (flaked a few days), I counted points, and I left the weigh in .4 lbs less than last week.  I mean…I’m not a big girl, so the weight wont just fall off of me, but..I expected more. (This post was not written so people can tell me I don’t need to lose weight.  I do.  Everyone has their own issues…mine is leftover Europe weight from 2002.)

I guess this means that Barry’s Bootcamp is going into full throttle mode.  No more flaking.  We did it this morning, but the past 3 days we lagged.  I walked to work 2 of those days, but its not the same.  Points will be counted to their fullest extent.  If I get to 5 points left for the day by dinner…salad and veggie soup it is for me.  No more monkeying around.  Time to get serious.


the muppet comeback?

According to an article I read on, the Muppets are due for a comeback.  That makes me super happy on so many levels, but a bit concerned as to the integrity of the characters.  I guess Jason Segal, (some of you may know him from awesomeness such as Freaks and Geeks, Undeclared, How I Met Your Mother, and Forgetting Sarah Marshal -though I didn’t see that one, but heard it was quite amusing) is writing the newest Muppet movie, and if it goes well, there is a possibility of it being picked up for a series once again.

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awesomeness that is Lego

So I was initially driven to this guys site this morning, and found the Lego Storm Troopers participating in the Bejing Olympics to be quite adorable.  I want to post one for you to see, but my WordPress won’t let me for some reason.

My personal favorite is the series of 3for the passing of the baton in the 4×100 relay

To my surprise and delight, there was an additional post about Legos on Yahoo today, regarding this guys art.  All I can say is WOW.

Click the link or the picture….and prepare to be amazed.

more photo bologna

So….a little while back my friend Eray started selling her photos on  She has actually been quite successful at this way to make a little extra money on the side.  Perhaps its because she is talented, and people like her stuff and they buy it.  Yah…that’s definitely the reason why.  Well…she got me thinking about it.  It costs $.20 to post a listing.  Whats the harm right?  So…I did it.  I posted some photos on Etsy.  I did a few a couple of months ago, and they have gotten some views, but alas, no one buys.  So I posted a few more today.  Does anyone have any advice as to how to successfully sell stuff on Etsy?  Talent…thats one way.  But how do you get people to SEE your listings?  Tags?  Clever labels? Any tips?  Help a sista out.

You can check it out thus far at furfur-tography.

a new photo trick

I finally got around to posting some new photos to my flickr account.  It had been a rough few weeks after mick and i got back from tahoe, and i had been a bit distracted.  I had a great sunday today, just relaxing, watching cry baby, a few episodes of dexter, and all the while editing and posting new photos.  After we returned from tahoe, we stopped in oakland for my sisters 29th birthday.  Yes, she was a bit jealous of our new pretty cameras, but she did teach us a cool new trick.

pretty cool huh?

these are a few of my favorite things

With Outside Lands Music Festival approaching this weekend, and San Francisco soon to be taken over by the likes of some extraordinary bands, I wanted to express my excitement.  Granted I am only attending Friday evening.  Radiohead will be performing in Golden Gate Park as the first after dark performance in the park….ever.  I bought 2 tickets for this occasion, for Radiohead is not only one of my favorite all time bands (live as well), but Mick’s too, and he has never seen them live.  Hopefully this is epic.  But….also epic, is the Muppets.  And though the song isn’t my favorite, and its from Pablo Honey, which doesn’t come close to capturing the true, current Radiohead, I wanted to share a video.

Here is another Muppet video as well.  This one with the haunting vocals of both Thom Yorke and PJ Harvey.


a birthday poll

A yearly poll i like to have for my 2 readers of my blog.  🙂  I need a theme for a birthday.  I always do.   If you know me, you know I adore costumery.  Whether it be Halloween, a Tuesday, or my birthday.  Three years ago it was 80’s prom.

Two years ago we went camping, so I opted out of a theme (thought I did sprain my ankle, so at the moment, crippled seemed to be an appropriate one).  Last year my 30th birthday was REDiculous.

So now, as I enter my 2nd year of my 30’s, I feel the need to have a theme.

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