Who are the ad wizards who came up with this one?

This morning while we were waiting for the bus, Mick asked me if I had ever seen that Bryers ad from a while back.  The one that got pulled?  I replied with “What Breyers ad?”  So, as to be expected, once I arrived at work, the link was waiting for me.  I just can’t understand how this ad ever made it out of the board room.

I feel wrong just posting it. “Luscious, Smooth, Sweet and Fun.”  Are they describing the creamsicle?  Wouldn’t the colors of the outfits and the gymnasts been just as effective a campaign with them standing up?


5 responses to “Who are the ad wizards who came up with this one?

  1. Yeah…..either the ad reps have no fucking clue….


    They are so perverted that this is ok.

  2. And to the right it looks like the word “Lickable” is on there. Wrong doesn’t even begin to describe.


  3. yah…its just wrong. were they just THAT oblivious to the obvious?

  4. I can’t believe, that after 2 years, people still receive this ad and think it’s real. Type “breyers ad gymnasts” on google, and you get plenty of pages where it was proven fake.

    They’re not two girls, just one girl in two poses from a child modelling site (not going to start about if those sites are right or wrong, just talking about this ad). Someone created this ad to start a discussion, and it did, for two years.

    So get your head straight, it’s a fake. Anyone with half a brain cell would know no company would allow such an ad

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