a birthday poll

A yearly poll i like to have for my 2 readers of my blog.  🙂  I need a theme for a birthday.  I always do.   If you know me, you know I adore costumery.  Whether it be Halloween, a Tuesday, or my birthday.  Three years ago it was 80’s prom.

Two years ago we went camping, so I opted out of a theme (thought I did sprain my ankle, so at the moment, crippled seemed to be an appropriate one).  Last year my 30th birthday was REDiculous.

So now, as I enter my 2nd year of my 30’s, I feel the need to have a theme.

I’ve been entertaining the idea of mustaches.  I don’t even know where my party is going to be, but I figure, mustaches are appropiate anywhere.  At the clizzub, at a park, at a restaurant, whatever…a mustache works.

But thats where I get stuck.  I cant think of anything else.  I could do a color themed party again.  But I think it would be really hard to top the red.  Muppets?  But do people really want to be furry at an unknown location?  So, oh two readers of mine….throw me your thoughts, comment with ideas…please?  Maybe I’ll even invite you to the party.


9 responses to “a birthday poll

  1. Are you growing out your mustache?

  2. eurotrash is a fun one.
    hair metal party could be good.
    or just go naked. that’s bound to be endless hours of fun.

  3. Considering this is right below you on my Google Reader, might I suggest athletes with mustaches? Seriously, Rollie Fingers alone would be a hit.

  4. Hmm. I like the 80’s hair metal theme mentioned, OR you could go a little updated and do 90s grunge.

    Or, you could make it more general (read: easy) like zombies, flashdance, etc. But, whatever it is, it’ll be fun. When is it?

  5. Whatever it is, im coming in corpse paint smeared in nun’s menses.

    Oh….birthday party…..i thought you were talking about our anniversary….

    My bad.

  6. Have ever guest dress like they year they were born?


    famous couples?

    I love costume parties

  7. i love mustaches!

  8. in a completely off the wall suggestion, how about emo/glam rock? for girls – crazy hair and glitter, for guys, guyliner and fake tear drops. and black. lots and lots of black.

    this might be my effort at reliving goth night. 🙂

  9. Salvador Dali. he had a stache. and, would provide for some wickedly trippy costumes.

    i’m just sayin…

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