more photo bologna

So….a little while back my friend Eray started selling her photos on  She has actually been quite successful at this way to make a little extra money on the side.  Perhaps its because she is talented, and people like her stuff and they buy it.  Yah…that’s definitely the reason why.  Well…she got me thinking about it.  It costs $.20 to post a listing.  Whats the harm right?  So…I did it.  I posted some photos on Etsy.  I did a few a couple of months ago, and they have gotten some views, but alas, no one buys.  So I posted a few more today.  Does anyone have any advice as to how to successfully sell stuff on Etsy?  Talent…thats one way.  But how do you get people to SEE your listings?  Tags?  Clever labels? Any tips?  Help a sista out.

You can check it out thus far at furfur-tography.


3 responses to “more photo bologna

  1. You inspired me to open my own shop!

  2. You should talk with Jen Oaks – she has a pretty popular Etsy shop. Best of luck, and the photos look great!

  3. good luck with the Etsy shop! it’s hard when there are soooo many shops there. i guess my advice is to get the word out to as many as possible. maintain links to it from here! etc. etc.

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