the muppet comeback?

According to an article I read on, the Muppets are due for a comeback.  That makes me super happy on so many levels, but a bit concerned as to the integrity of the characters.  I guess Jason Segal, (some of you may know him from awesomeness such as Freaks and Geeks, Undeclared, How I Met Your Mother, and Forgetting Sarah Marshal -though I didn’t see that one, but heard it was quite amusing) is writing the newest Muppet movie, and if it goes well, there is a possibility of it being picked up for a series once again.

This newest film will be about the Muppets reuniting to save their studio with one last variety show. Shocking concept I know.  But with Jim Henson no longer being with us, I hope Frank Oz helps keep the Muppet voices true to form, and that the Disney ownership of the characters don’t take us away from what was awesome in the 70’s.  I remember when they came back for ABC’s TGIF for a minute, it didn’t have the same feel.  Don’t get me wrong.  Any excuse to see Waldorf and Stadler heckle is fine by me…and I’ll definitely see Segal’s version in the theater….but if it does get picked up as a TV show, make sure the guests are Muppet worthy.

some heckling for your viewing pleasure


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