What has no arms, no legs and hangs on a wall?


Its my newest obsession. With the passing of my good friend Robyn, came my need to invest in certain things that she likes.  Good thing that I like them too.  I have for some time now, even when she was alive, wanted to invest in some artists that she was fond of.  Especially Sam Flores.  Robyn had this beautiful tattoo on her arm, based off of one of his pieces.

His large scale pieces are beautiful, but at this stage in my life, there is no way I can afford any of it.

He is SF based, and sells much of his stuff out of Upper Playground.  We went there today, and the only one they had was a signed print.  Didn’t buy it there, but JUST purchased it online.  Looking forward to getting it in the mail, and going to get it framed.  San Francisco represent, and there is just something so intriguing about his work.

At Upper Playground, I’m also a fan of Jeremy Fish.  He does a lot of skate decks, but considering I don’t skate, maybe I’ll just get a pillow.  I dig this one…but I think its sold out.  I’ll keep an eye out, and hopefully find it on ebay or something similar.

I was also directed towards the gallery Fabric8 on 22nd and Valencia.  I don’t know if I should blog about this gallery, because you will likely go and buy the prints and originals I lust after, but I guess its only a matter of time.  Artists like Sirron Norris, whose work you might recognize on the walls of Jay’s Cheesesteak, and countless murals, as well as C Lee Sobieski sell originals and prints at this cute gallery.  I however, purchased an Ursula Young today.  All her stuff is so amazing, and whimsical, and again, the San Francisco representation is nothing short of awesome.

I’m terribly happy today with my purchases.  I don’t think that this is the end of my buying spree either.  I will wait till my Flores arrives, and get them framed the same day.  With this though, I want walls to hang them.  I want furniture to go with the walls, and I want my own walls in my own place.  I think I’m growing up.  I’m buying art.  It may not be the $900 original I wanted….but I love it still.  Her color palate is bright and bold, and thats what my bedroom, living room and all my own attempts at art are.  Bold.  It makes me happy.

So next, I guess I find an artist, I find a character, I find something that I truly love, and have it made into a tattoo.  Robyn was inspired by Sam Flores…I’m on the lookout for my own inspiration.

Camille Rose Garcia and Mark Ryden are more that I have recently become acquainted with that I really like, however a bit less affordable.  Who do you like?  What artists inspire you?


One response to “What has no arms, no legs and hangs on a wall?

  1. Yeah, i was defiitely inspired today.

    Both to buy and to create.

    I look at Camille Rose Garcia and SF’s own MARS-1, and i get excited about the prospects of hanging their fruits of labor around for generations ot enjoy.

    Thanks for this entry and this day, it was pretty awesome.

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