what the hell is music television?

So, with yesterdays news, its true.  Music Television is dead. MTV is laying TRL to rest.

MTV used to be about the music, and the videos, and the artists.  Now its about shitty television like the Road Rules/Real World monopoly, the Hills, and other garbage with stupid annoying announcers and screaming girls.  Granted TRL started with Carson Daly, whom I never liked, and has continued to filter through other shitty hosts, but….it was a video countdown.  Which meant music and videos…hence creating music television.

Do you even remember MTV pre-Real World?  I don’t really.  Anyways, even though I hated TRL, at least they showed videos…so now what?  TRL basically created Brittney Spears, JT, and Xtina.  How are todays pop icons (barf) going to make their headway?

I leave you with some great music videos after the cut….from the early years.

Paula Abdul- Opposites attract…1991

A-ha – Take on Me

Peter Gabriel- Sledgehammer

Dire Straits – Money for Nothing


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