Mansion Apartment Shack House

You ever play MASH as a kid?  I used to love that game.  I had to be the one to draw the spiral to determine the magic number.  Sometimes I cheated so I wouldn’t end up with all crap.  I always ended up with some awesomely awful life.  You are married to MC Hammer, live in a shack in Beverly Hills, drive a lime green limo, and have 98 kids. There was always at least one zinger in each category.

We got bored with MASH after a while and created SHIT.

MASH = Mansion, Apartment, Shack, House

SHIT = Shack, House, Igloo, Tent/Teepee

Things got a little more outlandish when you were possibly living in a tent/teepee with 98 kids.  Or when your igloo ended up in Australia.

I was directed to this site today.  You can play MASH online.  During one of my breaks today, I gave it a spin.  Filled out all the spaces, added some terrible answers because its not fun if you aren’t being risky…I even added Screech as one of my crushes.

Its a little off my normal life, but the fact that I didn’t end up with Ryan Renolds, and got Mick…that makes me happy.  Im not driving a smart car or a limo, but a Nissan Sentra.  Granted its red, and not my tan one, but still.  A shack in a small town in Italy?  Awesome.  Hopefully its on the beach.  A photo journalist?  Do I get to travel, write and take pictures of foreign places?  Solid.  Our 5 kids will be cultured.

I was pretty pleased with my results.  Sounds like a good life.  A life that isn’t that unreasonable.  Give it a shot.  Let me know what you come up with.

My results after the cut.

7 responses to “Mansion Apartment Shack House

  1. Dude…

    Shane and i were just talking about this yesterday!

    Not the website, the game.

  2. You will marry Monica Bellucci.
    After a wild honeymoon, you will settle down in Bangladesh in your fabulous Apartment.
    You will have 123 kid(s) together.
    The family will zoom around in a Red 1970 Ford Torino GT.
    You will spend your days as a Voice Actor, and live happily ever after

  3. DUDE! hal and Emily and Jane and I JUST played this in the park last week . . .it was hysterical! Hal ended up in a shack with Kristin with 9 kids! NOT his idea of fun! Tehn we played this game called LEMON . . . I have to show it toy uo . . . 🙂

  4. DAMN! I’m pretty happy with mine too!

    You will marry Hal.

    After a wild honeymoon, you will settle down in vermont in your fabulous Shack.

    You will have 12 kid(s) together.

    The family will zoom around in a pink ford bronco.

    You will spend your days as a therapist, and live happily ever after.

  5. I worshiped MASH and actually play it with my friends or Bootyman once and a while.

  6. live in a house in Santa Cruz with my darling husband Orlando Bloom. We have zero children and drive a black Subaru Outback.

  7. My results were not favorable all THREE times I played. Dammit MASH. I just can’t get cut any slack here.

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