Daily Archives: September 29, 2008

forever in blue jeans….

So I got lucky last night, and somehow ended up back stage at a Neil Diamond show.  Well, it was actually planned…seeing as though Mick has an “in” with his personal catering chef.  So we drove down to San Jose last night, got our passes, and cruised in to the back area of HP pavillion.

The night was full of enlightening experiecnes.  Ill start.

1.  Half of the parking lot was disabled parking.  Never seen anything like it.

2.  Tour caterers work HARD.  They have to unload and load all their shit daily, in addition to cooking meals for upwards of 200 people, 3 times a day.  They are constantly travelling, and I imagine it would be hard to maintain a relationship…in any position on tour.

3. Neil Diamond is capable of making even the most geriatric of people get up and boogie.  He says lets get up and dance for “Forever in Blue Jeans,” and everyone does.  Old people dancing is funny.  Someday Ill be one.

4. Sweet Caroline is a hit.  I mean, its a real crowd pleaser.  I mean, its such a hit that he actually sang the song 3 times.  Seriously, he finished the song.  Twice.  And started it up again both times, to add a few more choruses….Its what the people want.  He provided.

5. There was a dude dressed as a caveman, facing the audience at the back of the floor space.  I couldn’t tell you why he was dancing to the crowd, not facing Neil, or why he was dressed as a caveman, but damn I wish i had a picture.

6.  Not a show I would pay for, especially with the prices that those tickets go for…but an experience I wouldnt have given up.  Old men with sparkly shirts singing to ladies throwing their panties on the stage are totally worth seeing.  At least once.

7.  Im going to call my grandparents, and man wont they be jealous.

8. “You don’t bring me flowers,” just isn’t the same without Barbara Streisand.

9.  A lot of food is thrown away after the caterers clean up.  We not only saw a great show for the price of parking, but left with 4 perfectly marinated rare steaks, frozen chicken strips, and veggie dogs.  I think WE got paid to see the show.

10.  After more than 1300 shows performed, Neil Diamond has still got it.