same as it ever was

I have been behind on writing.  I write about the cool shit that happens, and I’m behind.  I’ve been unusually busy at work this week, so I haven’t even been able to take 5 to write about anything.  Its 6:45 am, I have my coffee in my living room, so now I have a few minutes to catch up.

Monday, luck was on my side.  Basically it went down like this.  Joanne wrote that she wanted to see David Byrne using the iLike application on facebook.  I wrote that I did too.  She said that she had 2 tickets, one for free, would I like to split the ticket.  Now the main reason I didn’t have tickets in the first place was because of the $100 price tag.  How ever much I love David Byrne and The Talking Heads, I cant justify that.  So $50 sounded better.  THEN, she got gifted two more, so four of us ended up paying $25 to see him.  That’s a price I can live with.  Thank god for Joanne and her magic.  The show was sick.  David Byrne is a music icon, was creating music back when it was really influential, and isn’t bad looking either.

I had never been to Davies Symphony Hall, but the music was perfect.  There was this crisp quality that most other venues dont have.  I mean…its the Symphony.  The place is designed to have amazing acoustics.  He did much of his new album with Brian Eno, which I hadn’t heard but really enjoyed.  He also did most of the “hits”.  Crosseyed and Painless is one of my favorite Talking Heads songs…and that was the first one I recognized.  Take me to the River, Heaven, Same as it Ever Was, etc….hits after hits.

The whole show the entertainment value was high, but super low budget, yet it didn’t feel that way.  The whole band wore white, which played with the lights nicely.  They also have these 2 girls and 1 dude dancer that were doing moves that I was capable of, but really cute and choreographed.  The band left before the encore, and when they returned, they welcomed the Extra Action Marching Band on stage.  Ive seen these guys before, and they are super enjoyable, and local…so that must have been awesome for them.  After Extra Action played a bit solo, David and the band rejoined them for Burning Down the House.

What a great way to spend a Monday Night.  Thanks Jo.


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