born to be in Reno

This post could be super long.  I could tell you all about how awesome last Saturday night was, and how we kidnapped Pete for his 30th birthday and took him to Reno.

I could tell you all about the guys getting arrested after dancing with our friend Seabs, or the photo sessions in the hotel room.  I could tell you about the mobile dance parties in the street, or the Sparks at 4:55 am.  I could tell you about the dinner with the gallon pours for Makers on the rocks, and I could tell you about the breakfast served to us by a lady who I could have broken in two.  But…I wont.

What I will do though, is link you to his story.  Pete is a great story teller, and even though he was the one living his story, and I was the one living mine….you can get the gist. He wrote about it here.

What I will also do is link you to my pictures.  They aren’t all up yet, as I have a bunch on a point and shoot I haven’t uploaded yet.  However, you will see that a picture says it all…and that is that I belong in Reno.  We were supposed to be somewhat old timey.  Classic if you will.  Men in hats, vests and ties, and the ladies out of some other era.  I pulled together my outfit Saturday morning before we left.  I mean, the plan was put into action only a day before.  I dressed myself as soon as we arrived to Reno, and holy shit, I was transformed.  I was placed in a world I never knew.  And I looked like I belonged there.  Here is a photo Anisha took of me, to get the whole outfit.

Below are a few of my favorites of a few of us, and you can click them to get to the flickr set.

Our album cover

Talia and Campbell being old timey

Pete and Mick humping the hell out of Reno

I have video and extra pictures to upload….I’ll add those when I get em.


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