Daily Archives: November 3, 2008

torn because of folklore

So as we sit here watching Monday night football, we are torn.  OK…so not so much me, but Mick.  The Redskins rival the NY Giants for his top slot for favorite team.  It must be hard enough to pick a team to win when they play each other.  However tonight, the night before the free world changes hands, this game is important.

There is a theory.  This theory has only been wrong once, and it was during the last election that put the awful GW back into office for a second term.

If the Washington Redskins win their last home game before election, it means the incumbent party will get to stay in the White House. Since 1936, except for 2004, the outcome of that game has correctly predicted the winner of the race.  If the Redskins win their last home game before the election, the party that occupies the White House continues to hold it; if the Redskins lose that last home game, the challenging party’s candidate unseats the incumbent president.

Do you think that the Democratic Redskins would throw the game?  Would you?  Or do you think that the Republican Redskins would try that much harder to win?  It looks like the game has gone in our favor though.  If history repeats itself (with the exception of last election), Barack Obama is going to be our next president.  Looks like we will know soon enough.

Funny enough, it looks like there are other predictors that people claim determine the election.

Halloween masks:  Since 2000, whichever candidates mask has sold the most at buycostumes.com has won the presidency.  Barack Obama masks outsold McCain.

7-11 cups:  7-Eleven convenience marts across the nation are running their 7-Election campaign, where customers at 7-Eleven can choose between red 20 ounce coffee cups for McCain and blue ones for Obama.  Barack Obama cups outsold McCain

Nickelodeon’s “Kids Pick the President: Kids have picked the presided correctly in four out of the last five elections, the lone exception being President Bush in 2004.  Guess who led the vote.