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reconsidering EVER owning a Blackberry

Yes, I just recently got an iPhone.  I dig it.  I can text with my not so fat fingers, play games, browse the internet, and even make a phone call every once in a while.  However, because my work doesn’t have Microsoft Outlook (they are stuck in the Groupwise age), my iPhone doesn’t support my work email.  Its a good thing im not terribly important in the company, otherwise I might have to ditch the iPhone for a Blackjack (had it, broke it, probably wont get another), or a Blackberry.

I played with a company Blackberry before I got my iPhone because I was away from the office and needed access to my email.  It probably wasnt a new one.  It definitely wasn’t this new Blackberry Storm.  Upon first glance this phone sounds awesome.  Touch screen…check.  Sleek in appearance…check. Verizon customers only…nope, i’m with AT&T.  My carrier however, isn’t the reason for my current decision to never even look at a Blackberry again.  Its the fans.

Fans?  Of a cell phone?  I sure as hell didn’t realize the cult following that is Crackberry.  These people are crazy.  I guess they held a contest to see what the fans would do to win one of ten new Blackberry Storms.

Now I’m a fan of ironic tattoos.  I wish I could get away with having a random one, like a goldfish cracker in a fish bowl, or some stitching and buttons like im sewn up.  Its not me.  I have 4 tattoos, and with only one being highly visible (soon to be more so once my half sleeve starts), I dont think I can rock random tattoos.  A deer head on my leg probably would just be weird.  I like order.  I like purpose to my ink.  I wish I didn’t have to.  So…more to my point, this guy apparently CAN rock the random ironic tattoo.  He won a Blackberry for getting the new Storm tattooed to his calf, and writing iPhone sucks below it.  I mean that is dedication, but I dont think Im willing to go so far as to have a phone that causes people to resort to this level of fandom.  I’m conflicted.  Im jealous he can rock the Blackberry tattoo because he is covered with others, however, I think he is a tard.


dinner tonight?

Yet another recipie on 101 Cookbooks that I want to make.  The recent obsession for Brussels Sprouts has not been put to rest yet. Last year I made a great brussels sprout recipe for Thanksgiving Dinner.  Super easy.  Just the sprouts, a shit ton of garlic, olive oil and slivered almonds…baked for a while.  Pretty brainless.  Maybe I will bring this one this year.  I’ll try it out tonight and let you know how it goes.  Think I’ll quarter the sprouts for easy prep.

Also, isn’t it amazing how just a picture of food makes you want to eat it.  Doesn’t matter what is in it…if it looks delicious in a photo, chances are I’ll want to eat it.  I guess it helps if you have nice serving dishes and fancy kitchens.   I’ll show you my photo after I cook it, probably not the same quality.


recipe after the break.

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