reconsidering EVER owning a Blackberry

Yes, I just recently got an iPhone.  I dig it.  I can text with my not so fat fingers, play games, browse the internet, and even make a phone call every once in a while.  However, because my work doesn’t have Microsoft Outlook (they are stuck in the Groupwise age), my iPhone doesn’t support my work email.  Its a good thing im not terribly important in the company, otherwise I might have to ditch the iPhone for a Blackjack (had it, broke it, probably wont get another), or a Blackberry.

I played with a company Blackberry before I got my iPhone because I was away from the office and needed access to my email.  It probably wasnt a new one.  It definitely wasn’t this new Blackberry Storm.  Upon first glance this phone sounds awesome.  Touch screen…check.  Sleek in appearance…check. Verizon customers only…nope, i’m with AT&T.  My carrier however, isn’t the reason for my current decision to never even look at a Blackberry again.  Its the fans.

Fans?  Of a cell phone?  I sure as hell didn’t realize the cult following that is Crackberry.  These people are crazy.  I guess they held a contest to see what the fans would do to win one of ten new Blackberry Storms.

Now I’m a fan of ironic tattoos.  I wish I could get away with having a random one, like a goldfish cracker in a fish bowl, or some stitching and buttons like im sewn up.  Its not me.  I have 4 tattoos, and with only one being highly visible (soon to be more so once my half sleeve starts), I dont think I can rock random tattoos.  A deer head on my leg probably would just be weird.  I like order.  I like purpose to my ink.  I wish I didn’t have to.  So…more to my point, this guy apparently CAN rock the random ironic tattoo.  He won a Blackberry for getting the new Storm tattooed to his calf, and writing iPhone sucks below it.  I mean that is dedication, but I dont think Im willing to go so far as to have a phone that causes people to resort to this level of fandom.  I’m conflicted.  Im jealous he can rock the Blackberry tattoo because he is covered with others, however, I think he is a tard.


3 responses to “reconsidering EVER owning a Blackberry

  1. Yeah, im not going to judge anyone for getting a corporate logo….

    But what a fucking idiot.

  2. I guess you haven’t heard the word “iDrone” yet?

  3. That guy is a marketing exec’s wet dream. AKA he is a douchebag.

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