my week in movies

Thanksgiving vacation came and went.  Mick’s parents flew in, drove to LA with us, drove back to SF and then flew home yesterday morning.  Food was had, family was seen, turkey was eaten.  Same story as most im sure.  So…I will write a brief blurb on the movies I saw in this time, and what I thought.

Live Free or Die Hard – Friday night at my dads house.  Actually pretty entertaining.  It was more of a cyber-terrorism plot, but as per usual there was lots of firepower, explosions, a sexy Bruce Willis, and a “Yippie Kay Yaye Yay” thrown in for good measure.  Didnt hate it…actually liked it, but probably for the best I didnt pay to see it.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Fuck- We watched this with Mick’s parents in SF on saturday night.  Simply put, this movie sucked a fat one.  I wanted to like it.  I thought that the Southpark episode where the boys claim their friend got raped was pretty funny, but figured it couldn’t be THAT bad.  Guess what.  It was. I mean Aliens?  Really?  I thought it was good…for a hot minute.  Then all this alien crap started, and I lost interest.  Don’t get me wrong.  I like aliens….I just dont associate them with Indy, and I never will.

and to continue with the bad movies…

Twilight– saw this on Monday when I opted to take an extra day off.  its too bad I liked the book so much.  I love the story, and had my perfect movie mapped out in my head.  This wasn’t it.  Though Robert Pattinson was pretty hot, the acting was mediocre, and it felt low budget, and could have been seen on ABC for an evening movie or something.  I think HBO has a more “movie” feel to their serials than this movie had.  The makeup was pasty, the musical score made it too dramatic, and I was generally disappointed.  Yes…I will see New Moon when it comes out.  I mean…i still want to see how the screw up the rest of the series.

Needless to say, Im in desperate need to see a good flick.  Any suggestions?


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