santa…bigger, badder, stronger

And so, as the holidays approach, so does the yearly debauchery known as Santacon.  In the 5 years I have lived in the city I have done it two times so far.  First year, I didnt know about it.  Second year, was my first year in my house…and I got initiated into Santacon.  Third year participated as well.  Last year I went to NY for the holidays on the same weekend as the madness, so I missed it.  This year however…I will be here.  Its Saturday.

Apparently, as the years go by, and more and more people realize that half the fun of living in SF is the crazy shit that goes on, like the Brides of March, Bay to Breakers, Urban Iditarod, other Laughing Squid fun, and Santacon, these events get too big for their britches.  So this year, they are having three routes.  I guess last year, they went to Oakland, and the ferry couldnt handle Santa, and many people got lost in the shuffle.  I guess many Santa’s stayed in the city anyway, and so with that…the multiple routes were born.  We haven’t figured out what one we are doing this year (my friends anyway), and so I guess it is still TBD.  The choices are:

Klassic Kringle—Santa hits Fisherman’s Wharf and other favorite hotspots (that will still have us). Suggested props: Signs (Elfcare for Everyone, Santas Demand More milk & Cookies, etc.) Celebrate Santa’s many corporate friends & partners by displaying your favorite sponsor on your suit.

Ho on Haight—Suggested props: “Ho on Haight” or “Ho on H8″ signs (think “No on 8”), drums, noise makers. Santa also asks that you bring presents for the poor unfortunate “homeless” children.

Mastrobation—The Mission and Castro are getting Married…Gay Married! Suggested props: It’s all about choice, so it’s up to you how you’d like to participate (assorted props and gifts are always appreciated).

Im pumped to do ridiculousness again.  For your perusal, here are photos from my past experiences. Ooooh…gotta remember to bring the point and shoot.  The D40 could be too big. Though the photos would be nicer…hmmm…

Santacon 2006

Santacon 2006

Santacon 2005

Santacon 2005


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