I love this time of year. TAX TIME!!

Couldnt come at a better point in my life either. Im moving out. I need a security deposit, and rent. I need furniture, and dishes and all the other shit you need when you move out. Oh what? I need to clean the toilet? Oh, right I dont have a scrubbie thing, its at my other home….that kind of shit you have to buy. And it all adds up. So…Thanks Uncle Sam. Thanks Tax man.

But seriously.?? California might write me an IOU? what is that shit?


3 responses to “sah-weeet

  1. You’re moving out of the big blue house? Wow, end of an era… is it for the reason which I think it might be?


  2. Mick moved into the house in November…and now, its just too crowded. So off we go to get our own place. Its evolution. Ive lived there for over 4 years. The longest Ive lived anywhere since I was 17.

  3. Ah I didn’t know Mick moved in. Awesome that you’re getting your own place, congratulations – couldn’t happen to two awesome-er people. 🙂

    But, still, end of an era.

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