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phishers….and i dont mean the fans of the band

Seriously…this was an IM conversation I got today. If you can call it a conversation.

(3:43:59 PM) mcguirefoweta: hello
(3:45:19 PM) me: ?
(3:45:30 PM) mcguirefoweta: Hey Lauren
(3:45:55 PM) mcguirefoweta: This is difficult for me to do because I’m shy..but I have a crush on you, i have been sending you emails but no response
(3:46:19 PM) mcguirefoweta: I’ve never been able to tell you for reasons which you would quickly identify as obvious if you knew who this was.
(3:46:40 PM) mcguirefoweta: With that said, I want you to guess who I am, and approach me yourself.
(3:47:02 PM) mcguirefoweta: To help you out with your guessing I made a few pictures and videos with “Lauren” written on my body.
(3:47:38 PM) mcguirefoweta: did you get my last IM about the riscque photos? if you didnt get the link visit it in my yahoo profile
(3:48:02 PM) mcguirefoweta: My username in the members area is “LaurenandME09” (It’s a free website but you might need a CC or Debit to verify your age because I had to. Sigh.)
(3:48:27 PM) mcguirefoweta: once you are inside search for me. I want you to guess who I am and then approach me yourself. I’m shy and this is the bravest thing I’ve probably ever done, but you need to do the rest.
(3:48:53 PM) mcguirefoweta: i wont ever be able to get on yahoo messenger again this is my only day so come talk with me on the website
(3:49:07 PM) mcguirefoweta: Kisses, Secret Admirer

So…you think I should find him?  I mean..i always wanted a secret admirer. He sounds sexy.