What is this?

This is my blog silly!

Ive wanted to start one for a while…I dont really have a focus, so be prepared for the random shit that goes through my head.

I was inspired to ACTUALLY start it because of this silly contest that we have at work. Its a new media olympics and we get points for starting a blog. So for the next six weeks, this blog will be pretty tame. Gotta keep it professional ya know.

Yup…*twiddles thumbs*…thats about it. pinkberry.jpg


3 responses to “What is this?

  1. Steve Greenberg

    Hey Dude… love the blog… especially love the title! Gwenyth Melons! Old School!

  2. Love the blog L 🙂

  3. Hey is this your whole blog or am I not getting to see it?

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