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Words on my iPhone

Just checking out the wordpress app.. It’s kind of a pain to write too much, but would be pretty awesome if on a road trip… I want to road trip. My friend Meagan is moving cross country along with Derek, escorting her and who is blogging the whole way. So fun. I’ll cheat and link to their site tomorrow as I don’t think mobile has links and stuff. Ok. I came I saw I blogged. Now to embed a photo and try that.


Mansion Apartment Shack House

You ever play MASH as a kid?  I used to love that game.  I had to be the one to draw the spiral to determine the magic number.  Sometimes I cheated so I wouldn’t end up with all crap.  I always ended up with some awesomely awful life.  You are married to MC Hammer, live in a shack in Beverly Hills, drive a lime green limo, and have 98 kids. There was always at least one zinger in each category.

We got bored with MASH after a while and created SHIT.

MASH = Mansion, Apartment, Shack, House

SHIT = Shack, House, Igloo, Tent/Teepee

Things got a little more outlandish when you were possibly living in a tent/teepee with 98 kids.  Or when your igloo ended up in Australia.

I was directed to this site today.  You can play MASH online.  During one of my breaks today, I gave it a spin.  Filled out all the spaces, added some terrible answers because its not fun if you aren’t being risky…I even added Screech as one of my crushes.

Its a little off my normal life, but the fact that I didn’t end up with Ryan Renolds, and got Mick…that makes me happy.  Im not driving a smart car or a limo, but a Nissan Sentra.  Granted its red, and not my tan one, but still.  A shack in a small town in Italy?  Awesome.  Hopefully its on the beach.  A photo journalist?  Do I get to travel, write and take pictures of foreign places?  Solid.  Our 5 kids will be cultured.

I was pretty pleased with my results.  Sounds like a good life.  A life that isn’t that unreasonable.  Give it a shot.  Let me know what you come up with.

My results after the cut.

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you have get a tax refund

Sweet….should I complete the formular?

i guess 999 is the same as 911

Article after the break.

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What has no arms, no legs and hangs on a wall?


Its my newest obsession. With the passing of my good friend Robyn, came my need to invest in certain things that she likes.  Good thing that I like them too.  I have for some time now, even when she was alive, wanted to invest in some artists that she was fond of.  Especially Sam Flores.  Robyn had this beautiful tattoo on her arm, based off of one of his pieces.

His large scale pieces are beautiful, but at this stage in my life, there is no way I can afford any of it.

He is SF based, and sells much of his stuff out of Upper Playground.  We went there today, and the only one they had was a signed print.  Didn’t buy it there, but JUST purchased it online.  Looking forward to getting it in the mail, and going to get it framed.  San Francisco represent, and there is just something so intriguing about his work.

At Upper Playground, I’m also a fan of Jeremy Fish.  He does a lot of skate decks, but considering I don’t skate, maybe I’ll just get a pillow.  I dig this one…but I think its sold out.  I’ll keep an eye out, and hopefully find it on ebay or something similar.

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the jellies

I went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium this past weekend.  To be quite honest, with all the hype, I was a little underwhelmed.  The Great White Shark they have been talking up is located in murky water with a bunch of other fish, and the only glimpse of it I got was brief.  The hammerhead was much more people friendly.  I was however impressed with the collection of jellyfish.  The displays were lit up immacutely, and the colors were astounding.  The coolest jellyfish though wasnt photographed because unless I had a video camera you couldnt capture the magic.  It looked like a translucent burning man float with neon electricity shooting thru it.  If only I remembered the name.

Here are a few of my favorite shots, and you can see the rest of the visit here.  Creepy.

So different…yet all so beautiful

i guess its still considered a loss

I weighed in for the 2nd time this week.  That means that I got my initial totes offish Weight Watchers weight last week, and this week I was supposed to go and show amazing progress.  In my mind anyway.  I exercised, (flaked a few days), I counted points, and I left the weigh in .4 lbs less than last week.  I mean…I’m not a big girl, so the weight wont just fall off of me, but..I expected more. (This post was not written so people can tell me I don’t need to lose weight.  I do.  Everyone has their own issues…mine is leftover Europe weight from 2002.)

I guess this means that Barry’s Bootcamp is going into full throttle mode.  No more flaking.  We did it this morning, but the past 3 days we lagged.  I walked to work 2 of those days, but its not the same.  Points will be counted to their fullest extent.  If I get to 5 points left for the day by dinner…salad and veggie soup it is for me.  No more monkeying around.  Time to get serious.