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love is…

I spent a beautiful weekend in Monterey.  The weather was perfect, and the occasion was lovely.  I have known Rachel for many years.  I met her in High School when we worked at a day camp together.  We then both ended up in San Diego, and then after I graduated college and moved out of the “college area,” she was my first roommate near the beach.  She eventually moved back to LA, and I went to San Francisco, but our friendship held strong.  She is what I like to call a “low maintenece friend”.  We chat every six months or so, and when we do its like no time has passed in between.

Rachel got married this past Sunday.  She married Peter, whom she had known for quite some time as well, but they started dating just three years ago.  Everyone was there to celebrate, and it was quaint at about 85 people, but it was great because it made each individual feel important.  When I showed up to the rehearsal dinner, I was greeted fondly by Rachel and her family and it felt like she was truly happy I was there.  I am not connected to most of the people there, but they also made Mick and I feel like we belonged in this group of strangers.  I guess thats what love does.  It brings people together, and gives warm fuzzies to all who surround it.  I hope that I bring that feeling to people too.  I hope people can see the happy.

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i guess its still considered a loss

I weighed in for the 2nd time this week.  That means that I got my initial totes offish Weight Watchers weight last week, and this week I was supposed to go and show amazing progress.  In my mind anyway.  I exercised, (flaked a few days), I counted points, and I left the weigh in .4 lbs less than last week.  I mean…I’m not a big girl, so the weight wont just fall off of me, but..I expected more. (This post was not written so people can tell me I don’t need to lose weight.  I do.  Everyone has their own issues…mine is leftover Europe weight from 2002.)

I guess this means that Barry’s Bootcamp is going into full throttle mode.  No more flaking.  We did it this morning, but the past 3 days we lagged.  I walked to work 2 of those days, but its not the same.  Points will be counted to their fullest extent.  If I get to 5 points left for the day by dinner…salad and veggie soup it is for me.  No more monkeying around.  Time to get serious.

a birthday poll

A yearly poll i like to have for my 2 readers of my blog.  🙂  I need a theme for a birthday.  I always do.   If you know me, you know I adore costumery.  Whether it be Halloween, a Tuesday, or my birthday.  Three years ago it was 80’s prom.

Two years ago we went camping, so I opted out of a theme (thought I did sprain my ankle, so at the moment, crippled seemed to be an appropriate one).  Last year my 30th birthday was REDiculous.

So now, as I enter my 2nd year of my 30’s, I feel the need to have a theme.

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bootcamp…i’m ready to get my ass kicked

So i know ive said it before…but this time I mean it (really!)

I have purchased this program, and will update you on the results.  But seriously….check out the website and see what kind of results these people got after just 30 days!!  I bought other videos that just sit at home collecting dust.  But this time, its me AND my roommate Talia joining forces.  She is an active girl, and an athlete…so I have her pushing for me.  We each bought it, so we have two of these pill looking balls and strappy things.  He is terribly annoying, so hopefully he isn’t the one running the show.

Score.  Updates to come.  I’m just waiting for the shit to arrive!


I don’t have much to post…but just to update: I didn’t end up going to the Dethklok show. Mick came down with a bug, and I couldn’t find someone to take the tickets, let alone someone to go with me, so I tried to sell them outside the Fillmore The scene was much tamer than it had been on Thursday. Monday is a tough night for a show, and from what I hear, the place was filled with 15 year olds. I actually decided to do a good deed, and because my selling the tickets an hour before the show wasn’t working out for me, I ended up giving them to a couple of kids. Probably 17 years old or so, and didn’t have any money. Someone should enjoy the show, and I’m sure it made their evening. I also heard that there wasn’t a poster, so that made me feel a bit better about not being there.

The whole reason for me putting up this entry is for this:

Talia posted some pictures today. I didn’t even know she had taken this.

Seriously… could my dog be any cuter?

Lazy doesnt necessarily mean bad

So, Im still recovering from my weekend of doing nothing.

Wait…recovering? No. Just admitting to the fact that I actually have to get work done this week, run errands, hang out in San Francisco, ride the bus…etc.

We housesat in the Oakland Hills this weekend, and it was glorious. Three days of relatively no contact with the outside world. I think I logged onto the internet once, and that was to find directions to a BBQ we went to on Sunday. Not that I dont love the people I see or talk to every day, but waking up, watching movies, sleeping, enjoying the crisp morning air, and hearing nothing but silence and birds all day and night is pretty damn calming.

The house we were watching had recently come upon a gas grill. So we went to the store Saturday morning, and spent close to $100 on BBQ. Im eating salad all week. Meat is good, but I think we did a bit too much of the grilling this weekend. I think I need to purchase a grill, so that its not a luxury we need to over indulge in. That way its just a regular thing, and we wont feel the need to eat meat 3 meals a day.

So now…i work this week…back to the grind. 3:00 fridays are in effect all summer however, so thats pretty sweet.

Bohemian Carnival this weekend…doesnt sound terribly relaxing, but I think I got my relaxation time taken care of for a while. You should come! Everyone should experience the klowns at least once.


thats so metal \m/

It’s difficult to review a show of a band that I don’t like, and hard to explain what I was listening to when I don’t really understand the genre.

Monday night I went to go see The Dillinger Escape Plan with Mick and a co-worker of his at Bottom of the Hill in SF. I know this is one of, if not Mick’s favorite bands, so being the supportive girlfriend, I tagged along. I knew what I was going to be getting myself into.

Wikipedia states that The Dillinger Escape Plan is a New Jersey mathcore band. Mathcore is a style of metal with fast tempo and a technical style. I’m sure if you have the guitarist play by himself and the drummer play on his own, etc…it’s all very technical. But all together, its just noise to me. Throw on a stoutly roided-up (speculation) lead singer screaming into the mike, it becomes almost intolerable. Almost….

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