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FOUL….way too salty for my taste

Taken verbatim from the article…this is so gross.

Carl’s Jr. Double Six Dollar Burger
with Medium Natural cut Fries and 32 oz Coke
2,618 Calories
144 g fat (51.5 g saturated fat)
2892 mg sodium

Of all the gut-growing, heart-stopping, life-threatening burgers in the fast food world, there is none whose damage to your general well-being is as catastrophic as this. Consider these heart-stopping comparisons: This meal has the caloric equivalent of 13 Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Donuts; the saturated fat equivalent of 52 strips of bacon; and the salt equivalent of seven and a half large orders of McDonald’s French fries!

things are happening

I swear. I know i havent written in a while, but I guess living the life that I have has been more important than writing about it.
1. Quit Smoking. Its been 5 days. Its a lot easier than it was last time, and I know i havent really been in a drunk bar situation yet, but so far so good.

2. Moving out of the BBH. This one is huge. Ive lived in my house for over 4 years now. Made some of my best friends through this house, and live with people I consider family. However, the time has come to move on, and evolve, and finally live with the man that I love. Just us. So come March 1, we will be out of the BBH, and some other awesome person (TBD) will move in and life will go on, and we will meet new people thru this new addition, and the BBH will continue to be my home away from home.

3. Got another hair cut. Eh, its short, cute and I thought I would share the news.

4.The Wunzees are kicking off. Ive sold 16 so far. Pretty cool huh? Have at it! Buy a gift! Make a request! 🙂

Thats it for now. Ill write more interesting stuff and more in depth introspection and shit like that later.

santa…bigger, badder, stronger

And so, as the holidays approach, so does the yearly debauchery known as Santacon.  In the 5 years I have lived in the city I have done it two times so far.  First year, I didnt know about it.  Second year, was my first year in my house…and I got initiated into Santacon.  Third year participated as well.  Last year I went to NY for the holidays on the same weekend as the madness, so I missed it.  This year however…I will be here.  Its Saturday.

Apparently, as the years go by, and more and more people realize that half the fun of living in SF is the crazy shit that goes on, like the Brides of March, Bay to Breakers, Urban Iditarod, other Laughing Squid fun, and Santacon, these events get too big for their britches.  So this year, they are having three routes.  I guess last year, they went to Oakland, and the ferry couldnt handle Santa, and many people got lost in the shuffle.  I guess many Santa’s stayed in the city anyway, and so with that…the multiple routes were born.  We haven’t figured out what one we are doing this year (my friends anyway), and so I guess it is still TBD.  The choices are:

Klassic Kringle—Santa hits Fisherman’s Wharf and other favorite hotspots (that will still have us). Suggested props: Signs (Elfcare for Everyone, Santas Demand More milk & Cookies, etc.) Celebrate Santa’s many corporate friends & partners by displaying your favorite sponsor on your suit.

Ho on Haight—Suggested props: “Ho on Haight” or “Ho on H8″ signs (think “No on 8”), drums, noise makers. Santa also asks that you bring presents for the poor unfortunate “homeless” children.

Mastrobation—The Mission and Castro are getting Married…Gay Married! Suggested props: It’s all about choice, so it’s up to you how you’d like to participate (assorted props and gifts are always appreciated).

Im pumped to do ridiculousness again.  For your perusal, here are photos from my past experiences. Ooooh…gotta remember to bring the point and shoot.  The D40 could be too big. Though the photos would be nicer…hmmm…

Santacon 2006

Santacon 2006

Santacon 2005

Santacon 2005

marketing myself

It may be a small store, currently with only 15 onesies for sale, all with different patterns, in different sizes, but I’m trying to get people I don’t know to buy my shit.  How do I do that.  Im in PR.  I know how to reach reporters, but thats not what I need.  I need a small enough push that I sell what I make, but not a large enough push where I over work myself and make promises I cant keep.  I mean..i do want a life.

But I get so excited when I see that sale! Even if I sold to a friend I bullied into buying one.

Mom Blogs?

Constantly updating Facebook?

I have created a Facebook friend list that I can blast out to of people with kids.  A few new additions to my friend list from my sorority days.

But I need general “spread the word” help.

I also need new ideas to sew onto my “wunzees”. I want to hear what you would want your kid to wear…if you had one.

Here are some of my newest additions.  A variety for sure…but what would you want?

wunzees…is it just a clever name?

blah blah self marketing, cross promoting, hey lookat me.

So I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this in the past, but I’m looking to make a little more money.  Start a project of sorts.  Something to do to kill time if I’m wasting time anyway…whether it be in front of the TV, or just listening to music in my room.

A while back, Mick and I started talking about silk screening onesies.  Low overhead, easy to mass produce, but the only problem is that we didn’t have a silk screening machine.  We tried to iron on the design, but it just turned out looking really ameteur.

So, I have started sewing onesies instead.  We had gone to cheap town USA in Upstate NY when we went there in June, and had started a small stock pile of onesies that I have been messing with.  I bought a bunch of scrap fabric off of ebay (more coming), and a box of buttons.  Some collaboration between Mick and I for designs and ideas, and the “wunzees” concept has been started.  Im the labor.  He is the brains.  It is a good time killer, and I might as well make some extra cash too.

So…for those of you who are having kids, or know people who are having kids….shop at my etsy store.  I shared the news with my roommates…and Carly had a baby shower to go to the following day.  I made my first sale!

Yes…there are only a few up there.  They are all one of a kind, and I make them all by hand.  I am going to be buying more onesies, in white, black and red.  I will also have more felt, more thread and more ideas.  The magic doesnt stop now.  I also take requests.  🙂

work appropriate

Friday is Halloween, and our company is having a Halloween themed potluck and costume contest.  Where is the line drawn as far as work appropriate costumery?  Is it where I feel comfortable?  Or is it thinking I have a shot at winning an iPod shuffle and coming in my “sexy” outfit.

Halloween is a time where every girl feels like they can do “sexy” costumes.  Sexy nurses, sexy Alice in Wonderland, sexy cops, etc.  I’m usually the anti-sexy costume.  Usually I do, ragdolls, bags of skittles, dead Beauty Queens, but this year…people may view my costume to be “sexy” even though I’m not really trying to be.

Im going to go as a chicken.  Apparently a sexy chicken because it involves a petticoat, tights and a tubetop.  Minimal clothes make for a sexy costume.   Is it acceptable to let my work see my ass in tights under a petticoat?  I honestly dont think so.  Should I modify the chicken costume to be work appropriate?  Im wearing a hat.  A chicken hat.  So basically my costume is going to be me as a chicken with a chicken hat on my head…thats a whole lot of chicken.

So, do I come as a chicken, or save it till the evening.  My other option for daytime at the office is wearing an oversized hockey jersey stained with real blood (thanks to Mick’s hockey playing days), and give myself a black eye with makeup.  Likely wont win me a shuffle, but I might save some face.

Thoughts?  I know, these are big issues.

Wii Fit is offensive

So we got the wii fit in the mail the other day. I ordered it on eBay cut it can’t be found anywhere in stores. I used it for 30 minutes the other day, but not before we had a bit of fun and registered everyone in the room.

I’m of a normal size but was recommended to lose about 10 pounds. No real shock. Other people in the room were obese. You would think they could have been a bit nicer with the language. At least he is realistic and knows he isn’t, but obese?? That’s harsh. Maybe fluffy? Or big boned? Or squishy? What words would you use.

Also, I’ll try to monitor my progress, but I’m writing this on the bus home, so it’ll come after todays workout. Maybe I’ll be fully honest and include weight and bmi too.