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music as of late

The past few weeks I have seen a few shows, but have been so busy at work and too tired at night, so I havent really been posting on my blog.  I’m going to give a brief rundown, no real lengthy reviews…just what I saw and thought.

Mogwai, with opening act Fuck Buttons.

Fuck Buttons are a two-piece experimental group from England.  Its alot of distortion backed by some really beautiful harmonics.  Its loud.  Mick really enjoyed it, and I liked it as well, though at times I could have really used some earplugs.  That might have had something to do with the fact that it was at the Grand, and their acoustics kind of blow.

Mogwai is a Scottish post-rock band, not a furry creature that turns into a gremlin.

Their music is really beautifully orchestrated.  The problem I found was that they were too pretty.  Too sleepy to listen to at a live show without having the desire to sleep standing up.  It was the second time I’d seen them…and will likely be the last.  I will listen to their music….but maybe as backgrond music, or as a lovely lullaby.

The next night we went to Slims to see Built to Spill.  God I love that band.  They did the album Perfect From Now On in its entirety, and added a few songs for good measure.  Another amazing show.  I think this was the 9th time Ive seen them.  I will continue to see them every time they come into the city.  Hopefully next time it will be Keep it Like a Secret. One of my personal favorites.

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Lazy doesnt necessarily mean bad

So, Im still recovering from my weekend of doing nothing.

Wait…recovering? No. Just admitting to the fact that I actually have to get work done this week, run errands, hang out in San Francisco, ride the bus…etc.

We housesat in the Oakland Hills this weekend, and it was glorious. Three days of relatively no contact with the outside world. I think I logged onto the internet once, and that was to find directions to a BBQ we went to on Sunday. Not that I dont love the people I see or talk to every day, but waking up, watching movies, sleeping, enjoying the crisp morning air, and hearing nothing but silence and birds all day and night is pretty damn calming.

The house we were watching had recently come upon a gas grill. So we went to the store Saturday morning, and spent close to $100 on BBQ. Im eating salad all week. Meat is good, but I think we did a bit too much of the grilling this weekend. I think I need to purchase a grill, so that its not a luxury we need to over indulge in. That way its just a regular thing, and we wont feel the need to eat meat 3 meals a day.

So now…i work this week…back to the grind. 3:00 fridays are in effect all summer however, so thats pretty sweet.

Bohemian Carnival this weekend…doesnt sound terribly relaxing, but I think I got my relaxation time taken care of for a while. You should come! Everyone should experience the klowns at least once.