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per your blog entry

Having been in corporate America for a little under 2 years now, I am still a bit green to the business speak. Trying to determine what bandwidth means outside of the internet, and realizing that it can mean time as well was a bit confusing for me. Until I started interacting with clients, and actually using these terms, I guess I didn’t get it. I still don’t. Not fully anyway. My two favorite to speak of are “ping” and “low hanging fruit.” Ive learned to leverage these terms into my daily business vernacular.

Did I just use leverage right?

This is top of mind right now because of an article in the BBC News from June 16 that tackles all of this jargon. I guess the in the workplace, British English isn’t that far off.. Guess I should go toss that into the rubbish bin.

Keep reading for a few examples from the article, unless you decided to read thru the whole thing.

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