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reconsidering EVER owning a Blackberry

Yes, I just recently got an iPhone.  I dig it.  I can text with my not so fat fingers, play games, browse the internet, and even make a phone call every once in a while.  However, because my work doesn’t have Microsoft Outlook (they are stuck in the Groupwise age), my iPhone doesn’t support my work email.  Its a good thing im not terribly important in the company, otherwise I might have to ditch the iPhone for a Blackjack (had it, broke it, probably wont get another), or a Blackberry.

I played with a company Blackberry before I got my iPhone because I was away from the office and needed access to my email.  It probably wasnt a new one.  It definitely wasn’t this new Blackberry Storm.  Upon first glance this phone sounds awesome.  Touch screen…check.  Sleek in appearance…check. Verizon customers only…nope, i’m with AT&T.  My carrier however, isn’t the reason for my current decision to never even look at a Blackberry again.  Its the fans.

Fans?  Of a cell phone?  I sure as hell didn’t realize the cult following that is Crackberry.  These people are crazy.  I guess they held a contest to see what the fans would do to win one of ten new Blackberry Storms.

Now I’m a fan of ironic tattoos.  I wish I could get away with having a random one, like a goldfish cracker in a fish bowl, or some stitching and buttons like im sewn up.  Its not me.  I have 4 tattoos, and with only one being highly visible (soon to be more so once my half sleeve starts), I dont think I can rock random tattoos.  A deer head on my leg probably would just be weird.  I like order.  I like purpose to my ink.  I wish I didn’t have to.  So…more to my point, this guy apparently CAN rock the random ironic tattoo.  He won a Blackberry for getting the new Storm tattooed to his calf, and writing iPhone sucks below it.  I mean that is dedication, but I dont think Im willing to go so far as to have a phone that causes people to resort to this level of fandom.  I’m conflicted.  Im jealous he can rock the Blackberry tattoo because he is covered with others, however, I think he is a tard.

electronics can be kosher?

Who knew?  I am a week or so behind in reposting this link, but I was reminded about this article my friend Sammy directed me to.  She too is a Jew, so she thought I’d appreciate the humor.

An article on BBC News asks the question, “Is that cellphone kosher?”  Apparently, the kosher cell phones are just phones without access to any of the good stuff, but all I can picture is the rabbi in the factory, giving all of them a blessing….next to the salt.

The kosher cellphone looks like an ordinary cellphone, can make and receive calls, and may have a calculator and alarm clock.

Phone with the stamp saying Approved by the Committee of Rabbis for Communication Affairs

One of the defining features of kosher mobiles is a rabbinical stamp

But it cannot send or receive text messages, browse the internet or take photos – all activities that could potentially involve behaviour considered “immodest” among Haredis.

For example, SMS capability could lead to the unwitting receipt of mass text messages publicising secular events. It could also be used as a method of illicit communication between male and female teenagers.

And all photos of women are forbidden, as is accessing websites with content deemed inappropriate.

The phone’s other defining feature is a rabbinical stamp of approval, similar to those seen on kosher food items.

Ill say it.  Sometimes, I wonder….