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i just won a cluckin’ iPod shuffle

So my office had a costume contest.  The showing was mediocre, but better than years past.  Just wanted to share with you all my big win.  I won the iPod shuffle first prize for my version of a chicken.  I have been molting all over the office all day.  Keep in mind, that the costume is much better with its counterpart, Colonel Sanders, but seeing as though Mick and I work in different offices, that was unlikely.  I did it myself…and we will shine this evening together.  Better pictures not taken on my iPhone to follow after tonight.  Yah..I won a shuffle, and already have an iPhone and a 30gig iPod.  It will be my workout friend?  A re-gift?  Anyway…it was cool to win.

This is my chicken....will become more flushed out this evening.

these are my feet.

this is Mick at work.

this is Mick at work.

Mick came in tied for 3rd….won some coffee.

Just wait till you see it together…especially with Brody rocking his Chicken attire.

work appropriate

Friday is Halloween, and our company is having a Halloween themed potluck and costume contest.  Where is the line drawn as far as work appropriate costumery?  Is it where I feel comfortable?  Or is it thinking I have a shot at winning an iPod shuffle and coming in my “sexy” outfit.

Halloween is a time where every girl feels like they can do “sexy” costumes.  Sexy nurses, sexy Alice in Wonderland, sexy cops, etc.  I’m usually the anti-sexy costume.  Usually I do, ragdolls, bags of skittles, dead Beauty Queens, but this year…people may view my costume to be “sexy” even though I’m not really trying to be.

Im going to go as a chicken.  Apparently a sexy chicken because it involves a petticoat, tights and a tubetop.  Minimal clothes make for a sexy costume.   Is it acceptable to let my work see my ass in tights under a petticoat?  I honestly dont think so.  Should I modify the chicken costume to be work appropriate?  Im wearing a hat.  A chicken hat.  So basically my costume is going to be me as a chicken with a chicken hat on my head…thats a whole lot of chicken.

So, do I come as a chicken, or save it till the evening.  My other option for daytime at the office is wearing an oversized hockey jersey stained with real blood (thanks to Mick’s hockey playing days), and give myself a black eye with makeup.  Likely wont win me a shuffle, but I might save some face.

Thoughts?  I know, these are big issues.

a birthday poll

A yearly poll i like to have for my 2 readers of my blog.  🙂  I need a theme for a birthday.  I always do.   If you know me, you know I adore costumery.  Whether it be Halloween, a Tuesday, or my birthday.  Three years ago it was 80’s prom.

Two years ago we went camping, so I opted out of a theme (thought I did sprain my ankle, so at the moment, crippled seemed to be an appropriate one).  Last year my 30th birthday was REDiculous.

So now, as I enter my 2nd year of my 30’s, I feel the need to have a theme.

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taste the rainbow

So, this was incredible to me, so i had to post it. A few years back, I created the best Halloween costume ive ever worn. I was a bag of skittles. It was pretty awesome, fun to make, and in my opinion totally dead on. I used a big red pillowcase, felt and a lot of hot glue. This is when wanting to learn to sew comes in. The costume is pretty dead in my costume box, with the felt coming off slowly, and the pillow case having a huge tear up the back. This is what it looked like in its heyday.

Skittles Costume

It was pretty amazing. The back had personalized nutritional facts, and even a warning that said “contains no actual fruit.” (cuz im straight!) I still wear the socks and gloves, cant find the wig, and the costume is trashed. Does anyone want to teach me how to sew? I’m going to buy a cheap sewing machine from Wallgreens or something…cuz my mom’s ancient one is too much of a beast for me to deal with. Simplicity. Thats where its at.

So now this is what inspired me to write about my best halloween costume ever. I just got a link to a girl who made her prom dress out of Skittles wrappers! Im guessing she didnt use hot glue…and im guessing this thing will last. 15 hours of work. 101 skittles wrappers. A girl after my own heart.

Prom Dress