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born to be in Reno

This post could be super long.  I could tell you all about how awesome last Saturday night was, and how we kidnapped Pete for his 30th birthday and took him to Reno.

I could tell you all about the guys getting arrested after dancing with our friend Seabs, or the photo sessions in the hotel room.  I could tell you about the mobile dance parties in the street, or the Sparks at 4:55 am.  I could tell you about the dinner with the gallon pours for Makers on the rocks, and I could tell you about the breakfast served to us by a lady who I could have broken in two.  But…I wont.

What I will do though, is link you to his story.  Pete is a great story teller, and even though he was the one living his story, and I was the one living mine….you can get the gist. He wrote about it here.

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the jellies

I went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium this past weekend.  To be quite honest, with all the hype, I was a little underwhelmed.  The Great White Shark they have been talking up is located in murky water with a bunch of other fish, and the only glimpse of it I got was brief.  The hammerhead was much more people friendly.  I was however impressed with the collection of jellyfish.  The displays were lit up immacutely, and the colors were astounding.  The coolest jellyfish though wasnt photographed because unless I had a video camera you couldnt capture the magic.  It looked like a translucent burning man float with neon electricity shooting thru it.  If only I remembered the name.

Here are a few of my favorite shots, and you can see the rest of the visit here.  Creepy.

So different…yet all so beautiful

more photo bologna

So….a little while back my friend Eray started selling her photos on Etsy.com.  She has actually been quite successful at this way to make a little extra money on the side.  Perhaps its because she is talented, and people like her stuff and they buy it.  Yah…that’s definitely the reason why.  Well…she got me thinking about it.  It costs $.20 to post a listing.  Whats the harm right?  So…I did it.  I posted some photos on Etsy.  I did a few a couple of months ago, and they have gotten some views, but alas, no one buys.  So I posted a few more today.  Does anyone have any advice as to how to successfully sell stuff on Etsy?  Talent…thats one way.  But how do you get people to SEE your listings?  Tags?  Clever labels? Any tips?  Help a sista out.

You can check it out thus far at furfur-tography.

a new photo trick

I finally got around to posting some new photos to my flickr account.  It had been a rough few weeks after mick and i got back from tahoe, and i had been a bit distracted.  I had a great sunday today, just relaxing, watching cry baby, a few episodes of dexter, and all the while editing and posting new photos.  After we returned from tahoe, we stopped in oakland for my sisters 29th birthday.  Yes, she was a bit jealous of our new pretty cameras, but she did teach us a cool new trick.

pretty cool huh?

Have you been to Kyburz?

I have, and I left it as soon as I entered.  Not by choice, but because the sign told me that I had.  Too bad.  I wanted to check out the city/town/village/community of Kyburz.  We were cruising back from Tahoe, and we decided to check it out if only for long enough to take this picture.



They do have a post office.  There must be more to the city/town/village/community than just a sign.  Sigh…maybe next time.

post office

post office

tags matter

Im starting to understand this Web 2.0 stuff a little bit better.  You would think since I have a Facebook, Yelp, Twitter, Flickr, Bebo (though im never on it), GoodReads, Myspace, etc. acct, it would all be gravy to me.  Sometimes I dont get it, but I do like to be dialed in.  People who are never on the internet, don’t get me.  What meme are you talking about?  What YouTube video?  Sorry I dont work in front of a computer…they say.  (I never look at this stuff at work mind you, only at home)  Im starting to realize that everyone (with the exception of a select few) has to be connected at all times, and have access to everything and everything at their fingertips.

Which brings me to the topic of tags.  Tags are key in order for people to find what you want them to find.  I tagged some pictures in flickr with Seder.  A woman who was a moderator for a forum about Passover found my tagged Passover pictures and invited me to be in the group called ‘Passover: why is this group different? why four cups? why matzo?’. I accepted graciously.  I had some pictures I tagged ‘Neon’ and ‘Austin’.  I have since been added to the ‘Neon Texas‘ group.  What kills me is what people are searching for.  I uploaded my pictures from Austin the other day.  Most have 1-5 views.  Im not in pools, and I dont have a ton of friends on Flickr that arent already my friends in real life.  However one picture in particular, has 29 views already.  Way more than any of the others.  Its funny to me.

Tags: Austin, Eeyore’s birthday,  D40, donkey

Someone must be a fan of Austin  🙂

another successful brofday party

Brody’s birthday turned out to be a smashing success. All of his guests enjoyed their cake (i actually dont think i saw any of them chew it) and he got some great presents. A few tennis balls, a squeaky cake and a pigs ear to name a few. The one I was most looking forward to him enjoying was his puppy corn (popped corn for dogs), but alas, one of the dogs I live with (Im not going to name names…Cadmium), got to the kernels pre-popping.

He is a man now. 21 years old in dog years…still with so much to learnthe birthday boy

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