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I don’t have much to post…but just to update: I didn’t end up going to the Dethklok show. Mick came down with a bug, and I couldn’t find someone to take the tickets, let alone someone to go with me, so I tried to sell them outside the Fillmore The scene was much tamer than it had been on Thursday. Monday is a tough night for a show, and from what I hear, the place was filled with 15 year olds. I actually decided to do a good deed, and because my selling the tickets an hour before the show wasn’t working out for me, I ended up giving them to a couple of kids. Probably 17 years old or so, and didn’t have any money. Someone should enjoy the show, and I’m sure it made their evening. I also heard that there wasn’t a poster, so that made me feel a bit better about not being there.

The whole reason for me putting up this entry is for this:

Talia posted some pictures today. I didn’t even know she had taken this.

Seriously… could my dog be any cuter?

Dethklok was hot last night!!

I don’t know how much you know about Dethklok (as a cartoon band). I’ll break it down for you, per what I know (and with the help of Wikipedia.)

  • The band in the adult swim cartoon Metalocalypse
  • They enjoy a popularity level unheard of in reality, ranking just above Belgium as the twelfth largest economy on Earth. They are so popular that impressionable fans will often do anything their songs tell them, even if it means death, which is usually the case.
  • In addition to their uncanny ability to command worldwide attention and effortlessly persuade masses of people, the band members indirectly cause death and bad luck to those near them.
  • They also frequently summon natural disasters, severe weather phenomena, and paranormal anomalies through the live performance of their music. As a result of this, the band’s concerts are notoriously violent, often resulting in the physical injury and fatality of many or all of the crowd.
  • developed the animated series “Home Movies,” which also aired on the Cartoon Network and was based on Small’s life as an 8-year-old. (a great show, only slightly different than an extreme death metal band. 🙂 )

Here is a picture of the band…

Flash forward to yesterday. Dethklok is touring, and Mick scored tickets from some dude off of craigslist. They had been sold out for a while, and as little as I like metal, I like the show, and was curious as to how they would pull a performance off. Maybe make it a bit Gorillaz-ish with a screen and the band behind it? Needless to say I was looking forward to the show. We decided to forgo the opening bands, and left the house at 9ish to walk over to the Fillmore. Maybe a poster was in order? Sold out show at the Fillmore? We hoped this was the case.

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