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Happiness only real when shared

So I’m a little late on this train I know…but I finally got around to watching Into the Wild. Beautiful landscapes make it visually stimulating, while an interesting story line kept me riveted throughout. The supporting cast was wonderful, and the based on a true story aspect always makes that much more fascinating to watch. For a two and a half hour long movie…at 11:00 at night, I did my best to stay up past 1. I knew it was going to be worth it. Hype has been flowing, and I finally decided I needed to see what the hype was all about. A great, great film. Sean Penn…ya done good.

The only real problem I had, and I dont know if its even a problem, depending on how the movie meant to portray him, was with Emile Hirsch who played the main character Chris McCandless. I understand the free spirit. I understand the need to not go the corporate route, and follow your heart and soul. But I dont understand why everybody embraced him the way that they did. If Chris in real life was pretencious and thought that he was better than everyone, then Emile Hirsh hit it right on the nose. He had this constant this is the only way to live mentality. Everyone else was doing it wrong, and the only way to do life right was the way he was.

I do however, think it was pretty incredible the impact he had on others. Showing the hippie couple that talking about their feelings and just saying fuck it could bring them closer together. Selfishly allowing the older man (Ron), to let him into his heart and learn to embrace what life he had left. I say selfishly because ultimately, instead of having him adopt him as he wanted to, and being the son the old man had wanted, Chris wandered off into the beautiful Alaskan wilderness to die.

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