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lack of focus

So im hard pressed to figure out this word press stuff. (no pun intended) As I work on the layout, and click buttons and they dont do anything, and I get stuck with finding a picture that is the length of the page but short…I can’t figure out what i want to write about.

Do I write about music? Do I write about food? Do I write about work? Do I work the title into my blog and become a salty brat in my writing? Or do I just write what i feel at the moment, and about mundane shit that no one but me would really care about. Im guessing ill go with a bit of all of it…however, first things first. Gotta figure out Word Press.

Between this blog and the new addition to my family, a Nikon D40, I have quite a bit of learning to do.

One could only hope I will eventually be posting awesome pictures as a result of my education. Maybe some day the awesome blog will follow.