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iron man

Im not going to give anything away. I think that one week of release isn’t fair to write any spoilers, so I won’t tell you what happens in this movie or what my favorite part was. Iron Man was action packed all the way through. I didn’t hate Gwenyth Paltrow, and I was thouroughly entertained. Note to movie goers…stay past the credits. Trust me.

What I will tell you is that Robert (Morton) Downey Jr. is quite convincing. He always gets cast as the fuck-up. The drunk, and the sleaze. How appropiate. Do what you know right. Though to his credit, I think and hope he has straightened up a bit. But seriously, his role in Less than Zero? Perfect. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang? Yup. All of it. So now when cast as Tony Stark, the drunk playboy millionaire? Score. He is endearing, yet totally fucked up at the same time. My type of guy. Helps that I find him to be pretty sexy too.

Jeff Bridges was not “The Dude” in this film. Bald with a beard, he got outside himself and was very convincing as Obadiah Stane.

Look at me, talking like i know comics. I got taught some stuff on the bus ride home, and might now attempt to learn more about the Avengers, and Marvel vs. DC comics. I won’t buy, but I’m willing to read someone elses. Learn the interests of those you love, right? Most of my comic character knowledge comes from the movies, and I know that isn’t always the most accurate place to learn. I want to be ready for the sequel.