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forever in blue jeans….

So I got lucky last night, and somehow ended up back stage at a Neil Diamond show.  Well, it was actually planned…seeing as though Mick has an “in” with his personal catering chef.  So we drove down to San Jose last night, got our passes, and cruised in to the back area of HP pavillion.

The night was full of enlightening experiecnes.  Ill start.

1.  Half of the parking lot was disabled parking.  Never seen anything like it.

2.  Tour caterers work HARD.  They have to unload and load all their shit daily, in addition to cooking meals for upwards of 200 people, 3 times a day.  They are constantly travelling, and I imagine it would be hard to maintain a relationship…in any position on tour.

3. Neil Diamond is capable of making even the most geriatric of people get up and boogie.  He says lets get up and dance for “Forever in Blue Jeans,” and everyone does.  Old people dancing is funny.  Someday Ill be one.

4. Sweet Caroline is a hit.  I mean, its a real crowd pleaser.  I mean, its such a hit that he actually sang the song 3 times.  Seriously, he finished the song.  Twice.  And started it up again both times, to add a few more choruses….Its what the people want.  He provided.

5. There was a dude dressed as a caveman, facing the audience at the back of the floor space.  I couldn’t tell you why he was dancing to the crowd, not facing Neil, or why he was dressed as a caveman, but damn I wish i had a picture.

6.  Not a show I would pay for, especially with the prices that those tickets go for…but an experience I wouldnt have given up.  Old men with sparkly shirts singing to ladies throwing their panties on the stage are totally worth seeing.  At least once.

7.  Im going to call my grandparents, and man wont they be jealous.

8. “You don’t bring me flowers,” just isn’t the same without Barbara Streisand.

9.  A lot of food is thrown away after the caterers clean up.  We not only saw a great show for the price of parking, but left with 4 perfectly marinated rare steaks, frozen chicken strips, and veggie dogs.  I think WE got paid to see the show.

10.  After more than 1300 shows performed, Neil Diamond has still got it.

something evil’s lurking in the dark

Some people have way too much time on their hands.  I just found this video on youtube.  Its a 13 minute version of the Thriller movie….done entirely in stop motion using legos.  Enjoy.

You would think that with all that time, the video quality would be a bit better.

what the hell is music television?

So, with yesterdays news, its true.  Music Television is dead. MTV is laying TRL to rest.

MTV used to be about the music, and the videos, and the artists.  Now its about shitty television like the Road Rules/Real World monopoly, the Hills, and other garbage with stupid annoying announcers and screaming girls.  Granted TRL started with Carson Daly, whom I never liked, and has continued to filter through other shitty hosts, but….it was a video countdown.  Which meant music and videos…hence creating music television.

Do you even remember MTV pre-Real World?  I don’t really.  Anyways, even though I hated TRL, at least they showed videos…so now what?  TRL basically created Brittney Spears, JT, and Xtina.  How are todays pop icons (barf) going to make their headway?

I leave you with some great music videos after the cut….from the early years. Continue reading

Pork and Beans and internet memes…thats what YouTube is made of

I dont know if I would like this video if I wasnt strapped to a computer all day with a boyfriend sending me links to internet memes. I have friends who teach, wait tables, and hold a number of other jobs that dont use a computer to the extent alot of us do. I don’t think they know what any of these references are. Numa Numa what?

Most of my meme getting isnt even at work. Its in my kitchen on the computer in there, with the help of my programmer roommate Ed, and my tech-support, operations manager/babysitter, both of whom are very internet savvy. Their geeky friends send these to them, and they send them to me, etc…then poof, its viral. Well, its probably viral before it hits my computer. Im always the last to know.

However silly and mindless much of this stuff is, i find it to be entertaining, thus making this Weezer video genius. Yes, maybe they weren’t first in making a montage of memes…(Southpark did a pretty good job of it when they asked themselves how they could make money on the internet. Butters did a version of Samwells “What What in the butt”) This article in Valleywag makes note of some lawsuit Viacom has, but you dont need to read the text. Just watch the Southpark clip, and all of the Youtube references laid out nicely for your convienence.

Back to my point anyway. Watch this video. Its effin funny. My favorite is probably the dramatic gopher with the band members face on it….and serious props to Weezer. They did it again. I thought Buddy Holly was brilliant with the use of Happy Days, but for this Pork and Beans Video, they sought out the people in the memes, and it makes for a great music video. Did you know that music videos still existed? I didn’t. 🙂