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the new dining table

I ordered a dining table on Ebay for our dining nook.  The house is now short one piece of furniture, mabye two..but those are just extras…not necessities…like a dining room table.  Ikea does it right.  Im not sure that this place does.  It was also build your own furniture…and while it was a success in the end, im not sure the process was laid out in the best possible way.  Let me show you why.  Read the directions for the chairs..

Engrish at its finest.

And..now the process.

And the final result…with the first meal to christen it.

The orange

I had the privilege to attend two seders this year for passover.  One was a week early, but it was a good warm up to the family one that always takes a lot out of me.  The coolest thing though, I think this Passover, was learning a new bit of information that I now want to use for seders in the future.

Jamie taught us, at my first seder this season, as to why the seder plates had an orange on them.  I saw the orange…thought it a bit unusual, so she told us a story.

She said that a rabbi once said that a woman belongs on the bimah (basically a podium in temple), like an orange belongs on the seder plate.  I had never had an orange on my seder plate before…but now, being the feminist I am (ha!) that orange will be a regular party goer.

orange shoes

Photos like this one inspire me to get out there and take more pictures of stuff. Just stuff. People are fun…but i enjoy the pictures of stuff.

We did find during the photoshoot that produced this picture however, that its hard to walk the dog and take pictures. Unfortunately it looks like its got to be one or the other.