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Three hour time suck

So i am obsessed with So You Think You Can Dance.  The unfortunate part about this obsession is it has been monopolizing my mid-week after work time.  (Thanks to Mick for being so understanding). Two hours on Wednesdays and one on Thursday for the elimination, and Im stuck on my couch watching Twitch and Kerrington and Matt and Courtney and all of the other dancers wearing awesome costumes and moving in ways I could only dream of.  I mean seriously.  Splits and twists and grace.  I am by far not the most graceful person in the world, and I would love to be that bendy.

Seriously.  These kids are super talented.  You get a hip-hop guy doing the tango, and a contemporary artist doing the fox-trot and thats entertainment.

During the results show, they pull in “professional” dancers in one genre to kill time.  Last week it was this asian hip-hop dance troup, and they performed this killer routine to Blackalicious’ Chemical Calisthenics, and I had never heard the song before.  Loved it, and so at least I can say that even though this show is sucking my valuable time away from me…I got new music out of it.

These are not the contestants.

I didn’t watch the show last seasons.  I may have been better off.  With no new programming this summer, the reality shows are pulling me in, but this is the only one that Im finding I cant live without.  If only someone would shoot Mary in the face and destroy her toothy grin…then I’d be ok.