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my week in movies

Thanksgiving vacation came and went.  Mick’s parents flew in, drove to LA with us, drove back to SF and then flew home yesterday morning.  Food was had, family was seen, turkey was eaten.  Same story as most im sure.  So…I will write a brief blurb on the movies I saw in this time, and what I thought.

Live Free or Die Hard – Friday night at my dads house.  Actually pretty entertaining.  It was more of a cyber-terrorism plot, but as per usual there was lots of firepower, explosions, a sexy Bruce Willis, and a “Yippie Kay Yaye Yay” thrown in for good measure.  Didnt hate it…actually liked it, but probably for the best I didnt pay to see it.

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Pork and Beans and internet memes…thats what YouTube is made of

I dont know if I would like this video if I wasnt strapped to a computer all day with a boyfriend sending me links to internet memes. I have friends who teach, wait tables, and hold a number of other jobs that dont use a computer to the extent alot of us do. I don’t think they know what any of these references are. Numa Numa what?

Most of my meme getting isnt even at work. Its in my kitchen on the computer in there, with the help of my programmer roommate Ed, and my tech-support, operations manager/babysitter, both of whom are very internet savvy. Their geeky friends send these to them, and they send them to me, etc…then poof, its viral. Well, its probably viral before it hits my computer. Im always the last to know.

However silly and mindless much of this stuff is, i find it to be entertaining, thus making this Weezer video genius. Yes, maybe they weren’t first in making a montage of memes…(Southpark did a pretty good job of it when they asked themselves how they could make money on the internet. Butters did a version of Samwells “What What in the butt”) This article in Valleywag makes note of some lawsuit Viacom has, but you dont need to read the text. Just watch the Southpark clip, and all of the Youtube references laid out nicely for your convienence.

Back to my point anyway. Watch this video. Its effin funny. My favorite is probably the dramatic gopher with the band members face on it….and serious props to Weezer. They did it again. I thought Buddy Holly was brilliant with the use of Happy Days, but for this Pork and Beans Video, they sought out the people in the memes, and it makes for a great music video. Did you know that music videos still existed? I didn’t. 🙂