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my week in movies

Thanksgiving vacation came and went.  Mick’s parents flew in, drove to LA with us, drove back to SF and then flew home yesterday morning.  Food was had, family was seen, turkey was eaten.  Same story as most im sure.  So…I will write a brief blurb on the movies I saw in this time, and what I thought.

Live Free or Die Hard – Friday night at my dads house.  Actually pretty entertaining.  It was more of a cyber-terrorism plot, but as per usual there was lots of firepower, explosions, a sexy Bruce Willis, and a “Yippie Kay Yaye Yay” thrown in for good measure.  Didnt hate it…actually liked it, but probably for the best I didnt pay to see it.

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vampire distractions

with some very unfortunate and sad goings on in my life, I’ve been a bit distracted.  not in the good distraction kind of way, but more of the bursts of crying, loss of focus kind of distractions.  With a supportive last week, and the company of good friends and loved ones, I finally feel like that crying part might be behind me, and now i can focus on the trivial, more mundane stuff in my life.

So…i am picking up a new series of books to read.  I haven’t read in a while, and I miss it.  These are getting a lot of hype, and I’ve been a fan of vampire books in the past, so I am starting the Twighlight series.  (They are making a movie this winter..part of my motivation) I just picked up a copy today.  Imagine my delight when I was directed to the Young Adults section of the book store!  Yes…I’ll be a tweenybopper for a minute if it means some distractions and entertainment.