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Mansion Apartment Shack House

You ever play MASH as a kid?  I used to love that game.  I had to be the one to draw the spiral to determine the magic number.  Sometimes I cheated so I wouldn’t end up with all crap.  I always ended up with some awesomely awful life.  You are married to MC Hammer, live in a shack in Beverly Hills, drive a lime green limo, and have 98 kids. There was always at least one zinger in each category.

We got bored with MASH after a while and created SHIT.

MASH = Mansion, Apartment, Shack, House

SHIT = Shack, House, Igloo, Tent/Teepee

Things got a little more outlandish when you were possibly living in a tent/teepee with 98 kids.  Or when your igloo ended up in Australia.

I was directed to this site today.  You can play MASH online.  During one of my breaks today, I gave it a spin.  Filled out all the spaces, added some terrible answers because its not fun if you aren’t being risky…I even added Screech as one of my crushes.

Its a little off my normal life, but the fact that I didn’t end up with Ryan Renolds, and got Mick…that makes me happy.  Im not driving a smart car or a limo, but a Nissan Sentra.  Granted its red, and not my tan one, but still.  A shack in a small town in Italy?  Awesome.  Hopefully its on the beach.  A photo journalist?  Do I get to travel, write and take pictures of foreign places?  Solid.  Our 5 kids will be cultured.

I was pretty pleased with my results.  Sounds like a good life.  A life that isn’t that unreasonable.  Give it a shot.  Let me know what you come up with.

My results after the cut.

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tags matter

Im starting to understand this Web 2.0 stuff a little bit better.  You would think since I have a Facebook, Yelp, Twitter, Flickr, Bebo (though im never on it), GoodReads, Myspace, etc. acct, it would all be gravy to me.  Sometimes I dont get it, but I do like to be dialed in.  People who are never on the internet, don’t get me.  What meme are you talking about?  What YouTube video?  Sorry I dont work in front of a computer…they say.  (I never look at this stuff at work mind you, only at home)  Im starting to realize that everyone (with the exception of a select few) has to be connected at all times, and have access to everything and everything at their fingertips.

Which brings me to the topic of tags.  Tags are key in order for people to find what you want them to find.  I tagged some pictures in flickr with Seder.  A woman who was a moderator for a forum about Passover found my tagged Passover pictures and invited me to be in the group called ‘Passover: why is this group different? why four cups? why matzo?’. I accepted graciously.  I had some pictures I tagged ‘Neon’ and ‘Austin’.  I have since been added to the ‘Neon Texas‘ group.  What kills me is what people are searching for.  I uploaded my pictures from Austin the other day.  Most have 1-5 views.  Im not in pools, and I dont have a ton of friends on Flickr that arent already my friends in real life.  However one picture in particular, has 29 views already.  Way more than any of the others.  Its funny to me.

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Someone must be a fan of Austin  🙂